A Legal Look at Medical Office Uniforms

The dress code at the medical office needs to be conservative. The dress code should not necessarily illustrate professionalism. The main focus should be on safety.

The employees working at the medical office usually use complex and expensive medical equipment. Some employees will also come into direct contact with the patients; as a result, it is good to be ready for certain situations, including vomiting, excessive bleeding, chemicals, and different types of accidents.

What are the Dress Code Basics?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a receptionist, technician, or doctor; you need to dress accordingly if you work at the medical office. Every medical office ensures that its employees have a handbook, and it contains a detailed explanation of how you should dress. Some rules usually differ. For some institutions, the rules will apply to each type of setting.

The state regulations usually require the employees to have their identification badges at any given moment. They should also be visible.

The male employees are supposed to wear dress shirts and tailored slacks. The women are also supposed to wear skirts or pants with hemlines, and they should be kept above the knee level. Female employees are also supposed to wear conservative dressy tops or blouses. For men and women, there is the need to ensure that the dress code is not revealing.


At the workplace, you must ensure that you’re wearing the correct shoes. You’re not supposed to wear open-toed shoes as you work in the medical office. Avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals. Such shoes are considered hazardous, especially when working around electronic equipment since the wires can get caught while in the shoes. Also, it is possible to come into contact with urine, blood, or liquids that are harmful. Some of these chemical compounds usually irritate or burn the skin.

To ensure you’re comfortable while in the medical office, there is the need to ensure you’re wearing shoes that are low-heeled since you’ll be standing and walking for long periods.

Which Accessories Do You Require in the Medical Office?

As an employee at the medical office, you must ensure you’re wearing a few accessories. Some of the accessories that you should avoid include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and different piercings. If you need to have accessories on you, consider wearing tiny earrings or studs.

There are some workplaces whereby you should ensure that your tattoos are covered. If an employee has a tattoo on an area that is visible, they should wear pants or long sleeves that are visible. Also, you can consider wearing makeup around the area where you have a tattoo. Visible piercings should also be discouraged. The employees who are in the medical office also should not have piercings on their face or tongue.

It is important to be neat at any given moment. The employees are supposed to have short nails, and they should be well-groomed. The women are also supposed to ensure that the make-up they use is comprised of neutral colors. The long nails will interfere with normal operations. Also, perfume is highly discouraged since some patients may be allergic.