How My Ex-Wife Tried to Silence My Plea for Help: A Heartbreaking Story of Custody Battles and Reputation Smears

The Beginning of a Nightmare

It all started when my ex-wife, Carol Grinberg  (formerly Carol Maslow), decided to leave me for a delusional fantasy of living with Dov Lipman, a local politician. She moved our children near him without his consent, and when he refused to leave his wife and children for her, she filed all sorts of complaints with the police. She even got him fired from Yesh Atid (a political party) and, a few months later, from Innovation Africa, which resulted in lawsuits for defamation and slander.

A History of False Accusations

Carol has a long history of making false and malicious abuse accusations. As a teenager, she falsely accused her mother of sexual abuse so she could live with her father and avoid a life of poverty. Her reckless disregard for the truth continued throughout our relationship and subsequent separation.

Custody Battles and the Struggle to Be a Father

In the past, I had custody of our children during various periods, including full custody of all five kids in Israel from 2015 to 2017 while she was dating in America. Despite this, Carol has tried to deny me my parental rights, using every tool she uses to turn our children against me and destroy my reputation. She has refused to comply with court-ordered custody. 

During a recent court-ordered visit, Chanie staged an incident, accusing me of yelling and cursing in front of our children. She had a professional videographer there to record the encounter, but the video clearly showed that I was not yelling or cursing—she was.

Total Alienation

Carol’s plan to kidnap and take the children to America was almost successful. She left Israel without my knowledge or consent, but her scheme was thwarted due to the immense publicity. Yet since then, Carol has done everything she can to completely alienate me from our children. And has refused to comply with court orders. She has flat-out refused my attempts to video chat or talk with them. All of my attempts at communication have been blocked; it is as if I do not exist in their life, even though I am their father and legally entitled to contact them.

This situation has caused so much emotional pain for both my children and me—and it continues today

The Impact on My Reputation and Livelihood

Carol has not stopped trying to remove my parental rights; she has also sought to destroy my reputation and livelihood. She contacted at least three of my clients, turning them against me with her false accusations. They no longer trust me to handle their business and have even become outright hostile, telling others I am an abuser.

Additionally, Carol has encouraged our children to spread rumors about me to my clients. She completely disregards the truth, caring only about petty revenge and her own advantage.

Efrat Social Service’s Role in Enabling Carol’s Behavior

Revacha, a social services organization, has played a significant role in enabling Carol’s narcissistic behavior. Instead of trying to protect our children and keep our family as whole as possible, they have consistently sided with Carol delaying meetings for months and allowing her to spread false and malicious rumors about me.

During a recent social services meeting, Carol made a big show of arriving with several escorts, needlessly inflaming the situation in our small community. She has also been looking for an apartment in my building and has had no issue shopping downstairs from my home. Additionally, she has had no issue going to court appearances unescorted, leaving at the same time I do, and going to the bus stop alongside me.

The Press: A Beacon of Hope and Accountability

In the face of all these challenges, the press has been a vital source of support, shining a light on the injustices I’ve faced and holding the responsible parties accountable. As the editor and founder of Legal Scoops, I’ve spent the past ten years reporting on crime and legal issues. Journalism is not a crime, and I will not be silenced by my ex-wife and her lawyer’s attempts to label my efforts as harassment.

A Father’s Plea for Help

I’m sharing my story to clear my name and raise awareness about the heartbreak and devastation that custody battles and false accusations can cause. I have done everything in my power to be a loving, supportive father to my children, but at every turn, Chanie and those who enable her have sought to tear our family apart.

My fight is not just for my children; it’s for every Israeli parent who has been silenced, mistreated, and had their parental rights unjustly taken away by an incompetent Rabbinical Court and Social Service system. It’s for the countless children who have been used as pawns in bitter custody disputes, manipulated and alienated from the parents who love them.

The Need for Systemic Change

Carol’s actions are not isolated; they are part of a larger pattern of malicious behavior enabled by a broken Israeli family law system. This system often fails to adequately protect children’s best interests, leaving parents like me to fight tooth and nail for the right to be part of our children’s lives. The Rabbinical court system is ideologically driven and unwilling to be guided by specific facts or the law.

We must challenge the biases and assumptions fueling this system to create meaningful change. We must demand fair and just treatment for all parents, regardless of their gender, and advocate for the best interests of the children involved. As I raise my voice to tell my story and shine a light on Chanie’s unjust actions, I hope to also give courage to others in the same situation.

Moving Forward with Hope and Determination

Despite the many setbacks and heartbreaks I’ve faced, I remain committed to fighting for my children and my rights as a father. I will continue to share my story, hoping it will inspire others to stand up against the injustices they’ve faced and help pave the way for a more just and compassionate family law system.

Failed Attempts to Use the Courts and Police to Silence Me and Avoid Accountability

Carol’s attempts to use the courts and police to silence me have failed. She has been unsuccessful in her mission despite her desperate attempts to get me in trouble for my social media posts and newspaper articles. She cannot shirk her responsibility, evade accountability or avoid facing the consequences of committing horrific crimes against our children. Harassment is not holding someone accountable.

My fight to protect and reconnect with my children will continue, no matter what Carol does or says. She may try to ignore court orders, alienate a loving father from his kids, or play games with the justice system – but ultimately, she will be held responsible for her actions. I refuse to stay quiet or be silenced by false accusations and legal tactics. I will continue to speak up until justice is served and my children are safe.

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