Jeremy Diamond, Lawyer, Chats Alcohol Safety in the Summer

We’re happy to have Jeremy Diamond, a personal injury lawyer at Diamond and Diamond, come on and chat about a very important topic: alcohol safety. 


Jeremy Diamond, lawyer- As a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I, unfortunately, meet too many people that have been involved in drunk driving accidents, slip and falls and other types of related injuries. I wanted to come on and chat about the importance of alcohol safety (especially in those hot summer months).


Jeremy Diamond – Personal Injury Lawyer at Diamond and Diamond


After a long Canadian winter, there is something about the coming of summer that simply brings joy to the heart. No more sloshing through the slush to get places. Nor more bundling up like Nanook of the North just to take out the rubbish trash or check the mail.


It is time to break out the shorts and t-shirts and enjoy all the wonders that a Canadian summer brings to us. Let’s face it, all of Canada has something for everyone but Cottage Country takes summer fun to the next level.

There are food and craft beer festivals happening somewhere nearly every week in Ontario, Alberta and BC. With the warm weather, the Argos and Blue Jays kick off their years seasons – and perhaps the best of all, summer is the season for BBQs with family in friends.


For many people a large key aspect of enjoying these festivities part of these festive events is involves the consumption of alcohol. On average, Canadians will consume 75 liters of beer, 5.65 liters of spirits and spend 1,100 CAD on alcohol beverages each year with the majority of it being during the short Canadian summer.


Don’t let preventable accidents spoil your summer fun.


There is no good time for bad things to happen, but it is especially sad when what was supposed to be a happy event turns into a tragedy because of the careless unpreventable mistakes of with alcohol. 


Protect the kids.


It is not only dangerous for children to consume alcoholic beverages – it is absolutely illegal. Even kids who are near the legal drinking age can have their health and development negatively impacted by small amounts of alcohol. Those who have not reached full maturity and have little to no experience drinking are more likely to be involved in an accident leaving you as a responsible adult open to severe criminal and civil liability. Never allow underage drinking in your presence and make sure drinks are kept out of their reach.


Protect yourself and your guests.


The entire world knows you should not drink and drive but some people never consider that the same conditions that make driving a car a bad idea also apply to other activities. Just as you shouldn’t operate a passenger vehicle on the road you should avoid operating any equipment including boats, golf carts, jet skis and ATVs. If the situation means that some type of transportation must be provided then have a designated driver or an alternative means of travelling available.


The same can be said of activities like lighting the barbecue, tending campfires and even hiking or going for a swim. All of these have the potential to result in injuries or even death if performed by someone who is intoxicated.


Don’t be afraid to say enough.

As a host and particularly as a property owner the well being of your guest is your responsibility. At any point, if you see someone overindulging or participating in any activity that puts them at risk it is imperative that you stop them. Otherwise, you are not only putting their lives at risk but potentially other guests – and your financial future. It is much preferable to hurt a friend’s feeling by telling them enough than to have to visit them in the hospital when it’s too late.