Jacob Maslow, Senior Editor
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A native New Yorker, Jacob spent the first part of his career as a Payroll Manager but later turned his attention to his true passion, financial and legal writing. The senior editor of LegalScoops, Jacob has founded several online newspapers including Daily Forex Report and Conservative Free Press. He also works as an Online Marketing Consultant providing web marketing services. Jacob has five beautiful children.

Andrew Scott, Writer
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Andrew Scott is the Editor and Publisher of Embellished 1 News. Embellished-1 News was started in the Spring of 1996. Its mission is to capture the essence of a news periodical and transform that concept into an all-out hilarious experience. It has maintained that stance over the years and in its effort to become a regularly incremented piece of work will continue and build on both its originally intended concept and evolving standards as they arise.

Mike DeFelice, Staff Writer
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Mike DeFelice has more than ten years experience with writing content and web publishing. When Mike is not writing, he can be found learning languages, reading or eating.

Stephanie Caudle, Staff Writer
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Stephanie Caudle is a mother, wife, author, AIDS advocate and Web Marketing Consultant. She seeks to inspire, encourage and motivate young women. A former ambassador for Source Hip-Hop Magazine and the iconic brand (RED) Stephanie continues to hold true to her entertainment roots as the Managing Editor of her own site “She’s My Superwoman,” a website dedicated to showcasing women in health, fitness, fashion, politics, entertainment, and business who have overcome great obstacles in order to become the women they are today.