Simple Strategies to Market Your Law Firm During the Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled differently across the world –with some countries imposing strict lockdowns as opposed to more relaxed physical distancing policies– one constant in business development is the need to adjust your marketing and communications plan.

Demand for legal services has seen a whirlwind of change, with an increase in areas such as divorce law, while other areas, such as criminal defense, were forced to slow down and make adjustments to trial proceedings. And such changes might be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Despite the disruption to the demand for legal services, this industry is ultimately one built on client relationships, and this should be the singular focus for marketing strategies going forward. 

Here are some helpful and simple strategies to market your law firm during the pandemic.

Be thoughtful in your social engagement and use videos

Being present on social media during a pandemic is not about posting a new piece of content across every platform each day. Unnecessary content can detract potential clients by making your law firm appear elementary in the art of social media or, worse, tone-deaf to the crisis affecting millions of people around the world. Pre-pandemic media consumption, and social media in particular, was nothing novel to most people, but during the pandemic, media consumption and usage have understandably erupted, and it’s important for lawyers, litigators, and corporate firms as a whole to show empathy.

  • Post to your social media channels accordingly –and try videos –with relevant messaging that’s focused on human connection and empathizing with the shared disruption you and your prospective clients are facing together.

Use targeted online (and paid) advertising

Direct your marketing to the audience who is looking for your services. Pinpoint who your audience is and what their legal needs are by paying for advertising through Google Ads and posting to online directories.

While individual clients may not exactly use directories like Yelp as often as they will complete a simple google search, having more profiles of your organization online and content that’s SEO optimized can help increase your Google search rating.

  • Host and attend digital networking events to prospect new clients in lieu of in-person networking opportunities and pay for online advertising and online directories.

Repurpose successful content

If you have old blog posts or videos that once generated a discussion or traffic to your site, repurpose them on new social media channels, or change the content style (i.e., a blog post into a youtube video). Don’t be afraid to remind existing clients of your expertise and your confidence in your firm’s skill set during these uncertain times. This will help solidify relationships with clients and strengthen trust for prospective clients. Generating clicks and shares will give your law firm momentum to publish new content, such as COVID-19 resources or updates on your firm that are helpful and relevant to clients.

  • Try digital networking or live-streamed event that engages your audience in a discussion while giving your firm a platform to establish itself as a leader and source of information on any given topic.