7 Personality Traits of Best Personal Injury Attorneys (What to Look for In an Attorney)

Whether looking for a personal injury, criminal, business, or divorce attorney, you surely want professional legal guidance in a complicated situation. A reliable legal professional must help reduce any confusion and guide you through your case professionally. Whatever your legal challenge, whether you face false charges, want to secure fair financial compensation, or finalize a difficult divorce, your attorney must instill confidence and trust.

Respectable attorneys need certain personality traits, and not all lawyers have them, with many leaving the profession to apply their legal knowledge elsewhere. When looking for a good attorney, seven personality traits are crucial:

1.      Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a vital skill for attorneys because they essentially need it for all their cases. Whether talking with clients, negotiating with the other party and their attorneys, or litigating in a court filled with an audience, the jury, and a judge, they need clear, concise, and convincing verbal and written communication skills. Listening is also a communication skill, and attorneys must also be good listeners to analyze their clients’ problems or listen to intricate testimonies.

Most lawyers are born with these skills and enhance them through their studies and public speaking.

2.      Excellent Judgement and Analytical Skills

A good attorney needs excellent judgment, both for them and you, helping them decide which cases are worth pursuing and which not. Clients rely on their attorneys’ opinions before making an informed decision, so an attorney needs to convey all the relevant information based on their critical knowledge and good judgment.

Judgment skills also serve attorneys in court, where they can pick up on weaknesses and act on them decisively.

Knowledge of the law is often insufficient to absorb information and extract it into logically resolving situations. This is where analytical skills are needed, allowing a lawyer to evaluate information and use it to their client’s benefit.

3.      Research Ability

Preparing legal strategies requires effective and quick research abilities. Attorneys need to absorb large amounts of information to conduct their research and pinpoint what is most relevant to the case. Unfortunately, comprehending and turning this research into a manageable legal strategy is a considerable challenge, and not all attorneys can turn it into something useful.

4.      Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is critical to the success of several legal cases, particularly personal injury and business agreements. Therefore, look for an attorney with excellent bargaining skills to ensure a good outcome no matter what your legal issue.

5.      Assertiveness

People often believe that attorneys need to be aggressive, but the truth is that they should instead have a good dose of assertiveness. An assertive attorney knows how to make themselves heard without losing the respect of other people, whereas aggressive lawyers tend to ignore the opinions of others and are always on the defensive. Therefore, the attorney you choose for your case must be assertive and not aggressive, ensuring they have an effective way of dealing with everyone, even in an uncooperative environment.

6.      Perseverance

Perseverance means a lot when choosing an attorney because it means they have the staying power to see a case through, no matter how complicated your issue is. Successful cases sometimes drag on for ages. Typically, most attorneys understand perseverance because of their long journey to complete their studies and training before qualifying.

7.      Compassion

Compassion is about genuinely wanting to help other people resolve their problems and meet with them emotionally. Being compassionate means that an attorney can thoroughly understand the other person’s problem and why it is essential to fix it. All areas of law require compassionate attorneys, and compassion also helps your attorney understand what their adversaries will do, providing your case with better solutions.


Dedicated attorneys in all areas of law usually have all these personality traits. When deciding on the best attorney for your case, ask around and read reviews to determine if the attorney you are interested in can meet the challenges of your particular legal issue.