ambry genetics hack

Ambry Genetics Corporation Discloses Hack and Theft of 230,000 Customer Records

Ambry Genetics Corporation, a subsidiary of Konica Minolta based in Aliso Viejo California, recently disclosed that due to flaws in its security system that resulted in its computer systems being hacked, Ambry permitted the unauthorized disclosure of over 230,000 consumer records.

According to Ambry, access to these records may have resulted in the disclosure of customers’ names, medical information, information related to customers’ use of Ambry’s services, and in a relatively small number of instances, Social Security Numbers.

This is disconcerting, as Ambry aggressively advertises that it provides comprehensive genetic testing services.

According to its website: “Ambry is committed to delivering the most accurate genetic test results possible. When it comes to making important healthcare decisions, we believe patients would choose the most reliable and comprehensive test for themselves and their family.” Yet Ambry has admitted it did not have adequate systems in place to protect valuable patient information.

And other than “regretting any inconvenience this may have caused” and alleging taking steps designed to prevent this type of event from happening again, it is only offering some unidentified and undescribed form of identity monitoring services from Kroll Cyber Security Services to potentially affected individuals.

A southern California class action law firm is investigating the data breach.