The Anatomy of a Car Crash: Causes and Consequences in Florida

Floridians, tourists, and snowbirds can be found cruising the crossroads and highways of the Sunshine State 24 hours a day. There’s almost always somewhere to go. Although most drives from here to there are pleasant and uneventful, the risk of a car crash can lurk behind each bend in the road. Unfortunately, most people experience at least one car accident in their lifetime.

The Most Common Causes of Florida Car Crashes

Having a good understanding of the most common causes of a car accident can help you to prevent them. While most of us believe we are the safest and most courteous drivers, an honest look at these car accident culprits could prove otherwise. Some are completely avoidable, and many car accidents could be eliminated if more drivers eliminated these bad habits. We must do our part to keep the roads as safe as possible.

Here’s a look at some of the most common Florida car accident culprits and their consequences. Most can be easily avoided, saving lives and eliminating stains from your driving record.

Texting While Driving

Many Florida drivers are guilty of this, yet few will admit it. Texting and driving isn’t only foolish, but as of July 2019, it’s illegal and punishable by a $30 fine plus court fees for a first offense. Fines increase for each consecutive summons. Taking your hands and eyes off the steering wheel to use your phone is an accident waiting to happen. If you need to read or respond to a text, pull over to a safe location before doing so.


Florida’s speed limits aren’t a suggestion; they are put in place for everyone’s safety. Driving faster than the posted speed limit is a careless act that jeopardizes other drivers and pedestrians. Driving faster than the posted speed can make it difficult to navigate curves and can cause drivers to create accidents. Depending on how far over the speed limit you are, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony offense.

Fatigued Driving

Those who work long, stressful hours can sometimes commute to or from work feeling exhausted. Coupled with a long drive to and from their place of work, it can lead to fatigued driving. Operating a motor vehicle while sleepy will affect judgment, driving ability, and, worst case, falling asleep behind the wheel. Fatigued drivers can easily be the cause of a car crash.


Florida has many animals, reptiles, and other creatures that sometimes find themselves on public roads. Many accidents have been caused by colliding with a deer or quickly turning into oncoming traffic trying to avoid one. Other accident-causing culprits could be alligators or turtles lying on rural roads or swerving to avoid a raccoon or possum.

Driving While Intoxicated or High

While many Floridians will deny that they’ve ever driven when they shouldn’t, there are still too many drivers who don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel after a few beers with the boys or smoking marijuana at a concert. No matter how it’s referred to, DWI and DUI both mean the same thing, and both are foolish and illegal. Driving with any intoxicant in your system, even prescription drugs, can impair judgment and driving skills.

Bad Weather

Florida is no stranger to inclement weather. The State has seen everything from severe thunderstorms to even more severe hurricanes. Driving during bad weather can cause accidents due to limited visibility, flooded roads, and hydroplaning on wet surfaces. Gusty winds can cause even the most experienced and cautious drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

The Causes and Consequences of Florida Car Crashes: Final Words

No one wants to be the victim of a car accident, just like no one wants to be the cause of one. Unfortunately, many drivers break some rules and are guilty as charged. Distracted driving, speeding, and operating a vehicle under the influence are common culprits of avoidable car crashes.

If you or a loved one has become the victim of a negligent driver and have been injured, contact a Florida personal injury attorney. While you’re tending to your medical care, they’ll gather evidence to prove a failure to provide a duty of care. Working with an experienced car crash attorney ensures you’ll receive the maximum compensation for your damages.