Drug Companies Are Being Held Liable for the Opioid Epidemic

One of the major issues that has dominated the legal industry over the past few years has been the opioid epidemic. For those who might not be aware, the opioid epidemic has taken the country by storm. There has been a massive increase in the number of opioid and narcotic prescriptions that have flooded the healthcare system. One of the major risks of these medications is that they are addictive. If someone overdoses on them, this can least to respiratory distress and wrongful death. Now, the manufacturers of these dangerous medications are being held liable for their actions. Their negligence, greed, and willingness to prioritize their own profits over the well-being of the general public is being held to account.

Mere hours before the first federal trial in the opioid epidemic was about to begin, the four drug companies that were accused of pouring opioids and narcotics into the street had finally settled. These companies were Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, McKesson Corporation, Amerisource Bergen Corporation, and Cardinal Health. The two plaintiffs in the case were two Ohio counties, Summit and Cuyahoga. These counties have been at the center of the opioid epidemic, as many of their citizens were impacted by these dangerous drugs.

In total, the companies are going to pay $260 million in cash and emergency medications to help those who are still struggling to break free from the bonds of addiction. The settlement is a major landmark in the opioid epidemic, as it is a shining example of the American justice system at work. No longer can these companies blindly pursue profits while they place vulnerable people in harm’s way.

This was also set to be the first legislation in multiple districts. Therefore, this case also sets an important precedent. Now, with thousands of other cases waiting to go to trial, others are going to look to this settlement as an example. More than 2,700 plaintiff communities are still waiting to head to trial with the help of experienced lawyers. While it is important to note that the defendants say the settlement doesn’t mean they are at fault, the general public would disagree.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs have praised the settlement, saying that the money is going to be used to help those impacted by the opioid epidemic. There are people all over the country who these dangerous drugs have hurt. They are struggling to put their lives back together after opioid addiction took almost everything from them. Now, this money is going to be used to fund treatment. The pharmaceutical companies are also donating suboxone, which can be a lifesaving medication used to help combat the horrors of opioid addiction. It will be interesting to see where the legal community goes from here as it seeks to help all those impacted by the opioid epidemic.