How to Properly Photograph Your Car Accident

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when it comes to car accident cases. While written statements are great forms of evidence, nothing surpasses having photographic proof of your accident. However, one simple photograph of your the aftermath of your accident isn’t enough to win your case.

You’ll need to approach your case as if you were a professional photographer and capture multiple angles. The more effort you put into photographing your car accident, the better chances you have of winning your case. While you don’t necessarily have to be a high-class photographer, you should attempt to take the best photos.

A car accident lawyer can further advise you on how you should approach capturing the aftermath of your car accident. Below are even more tips on how to best capture your accident…

Take Photos of Your Injuries

Many people forget to take photos of any injuries they may have sustained from their car accident. If you have any cuts, bruises, or any visible injuries, always photograph them in the aftermath of your accident. Of course, you should seek medical attention first and foremost, but always be sure to photograph your injuries.

Even if you have broken bones or other internal injuries, acquiring an Xray is extremely useful.

Take Photos of the Property Damage

Photograph any property damage that occurred at the scene of your accident. Photographing all cars involved in the accident is a perfect way of documenting your damages. Do not hesitate to photograph any fire hydrates or stop signs that were damaged during your car accident. Even tire marks or blown out tires are useful evidence to photograph.

Take Photos of Your Surroundings

You should also photograph your surroundings to give the courtroom a better idea of how your accident transpired. Photograph the traffic signs and traffic lights to create a better picture of the scene. Capturing multiple angles are excellent ways of showing how the other party was

irresponsible of their surroundings. While you can describe the scene, nothing is better than having photographic evidence.

Photograph Everyone at the Scene of Your Accident

Photographing everyone at the scene of the crime will be useful when attempting to recall the events of your accident. Everyone from first-responders to passengers will serve as useful subjects to photograph. Depending on how traumatic your experience, you may have a hard time recalling every detail that occurred during your accident.

Multiple photos will help you remember every detail of your accident.

Take Countless Photos

Take as many photos as possible. You’ll never know which image could prove extremely useful once your attorney helps you build your case. Photograph anything that you think maybe important or help your case. Also, make sure that you’re properly dating all of your photos and organizing them.

Remember, even if you’ve got the perfect photo to prove that the other party is responsible for your damages, not having the photo properly labeled allows the other party to deny their involvement.

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