How to Throw a Naturalization Party to Celebrate a New Citizen

Being a citizen of another country is a significant undertaking. An individual must go through submitting application forms, have interviews, and pass tests that will ensure that their citizenship application was made in good faith. It is a detailed process that takes time and effort for any applicant. Nevertheless, naturalization is a cause to celebrate, especially if you know someone who received new citizenship.

How do you throw a naturalization party for yourself or someone else? Below are some ideas you can try to make the event as festive and memorable as possible.

Top Ideas for a Naturalization Party

Decorate to Suit the Occasion

You can start by having decorations that fit the theme of the party. These can include balloons, lanterns, banners, or color-themed food that works perfectly for the person’s new citizenship.

For example, a naturalization party for a new US citizen can include red, white, and blue lanterns, banners, and disposable utensils. This can be a great way to put some thoughtfulness into the celebration. Some decorative items for food can include cake toppers, icings, sprinkles, and other thoughtful finishing touches.

Gather Loved Ones to Talk about the Celebrant’s Journey

The naturalization party is also an opportunity to commemorate the person’s journey and life in their present country. You can gather family members, friends, and co-workers to prepare a speech that reminds them of how the celebrant has worked hard, shown love, or helped others through their path to citizenship.

This is a great time to bless and honor the celebrant and remind them of their efforts to secure their citizenship. Gifts, cards, prayers, and other types of dedications are also welcome at this portion of the event.

Inject some Fun in the Celebration

Like any other party, there are ways to make a naturalization celebration more fun. Aside from gathering around and enjoying food, you can also put in a couple of activities that people can do while staying for the party.

Some ideas include:

  • Games: If you invite a larger crowd, you can place in ice breaker games such as human bingo, “Bring Me,” or pass the message. You can make it more fitting to the party by creating materials well-suited to the naturalization party. For example, in “Bring Me,” you can ask for items such as a passport, any item with the national flag, or someone who can speak the country’s native language. For a unique twist, consider incorporating murder mystery games where guests can step into the shoes of detectives and solve a thrilling whodunit mystery.
  • Free Participation Activities: You can also prepare some activities where people are free to participate as they wish, such as corn hole, ring toss, video games, board games, or karaoke. These are some items that people can use to entertain themselves after mealtimes.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Technology provides us with great opportunities to make celebrations more memorable. For example, another idea for a naturalization party is to have a sentimental slideshow that shows pictures or videos of the celebrant’s life and journey towards being a new citizen.

Doing this will make them feel special and remind them of how far they have come to achieve naturalization.

Celebrating a New Citizen

As with any accomplishment, celebrating a naturalization ceremony is something worth doing for a loved one in your life. With the tips mentioned above, you can make the naturalization party a thoughtful one while attendees are having a blast.