Insurance and weather related accidents: what you need to know

Drivers who have been living in Illinois for any length of time are aware of what a challenge the winter time can be when driving in the state. In addition to the snow and ice that can contribute to weather-related crashes, blustering rain, whistling winds and enveloping fog can also cause drivers to have a more difficult time getting from one place to another in their vehicles.

The “Domino” Effect

As if meeting the challenges that Illinois weather throws at drivers isn’t enough, there is often a “domino” effect that takes place in during crashes. This was the case in January 2018 when the presence of black ice and freezing rain resulted in more than 135 crashes across a three-county radius. Those counties most affected were Grundy, Kendall and Will with six other counties in Illinois being under a winter weather advisory during that also reached into parts of Indiana.

One such pile-up occurred on Interstate 57 in the area near 159th Street. There, more than 20 cars — as well as a semi-truck — were involved in a wreck that spanned more than one-quarter of a mile. A Tinley Park resulted in the death of one person after their vehicle was struck by a semi-tractor trailer that slid across the median and struck it on LaGrange Road. In a different accident involving a semi-tractor trailer, the driver of a passenger truck that lost control of his vehicle struck the larger truck. That driver was rushed to LaGrange Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Winter Weather Advisory

In spite of the winter weather advisory, it appears that the suddenness of the bad weather took many drivers by surprise. The formation of black ice was noted by several drivers who were involved in these weather-related crashes.

Even though the weather was a crucial factor during these accidents, it doesn’t mean those who are at fault don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. For example, many people fail to slow down enough to accommodate the changing weather conditions.