FDA approval without testing

Miracle Honey Recalled for Including Erectile Dysfunction Medications


Miracle Honey is not such a “miracle” cure after all for erectile dysfunction. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recalled the product after testing found the presence of undeclared erectile dysfunction medications. In addition, the recall stated that the presence of Viagra makes the Miracle Honey an unapproved supplement.

Miracle Honey Claims

The maker of Miracle Honey, a company called USA Less, advertised the brand as offering an instant cure for men seeking energy and increased vitality. Listed instructions provided by USA Less for Miracle Honey included ginseng, carob powder, glucose, and cinnamon. When the supplement went through lab testing authorized by the FDA, the medication sildenafil was found in the blend. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in the ED drug Viagra. Taking Viagra without a prescription from a doctor poses health risks for specific populations. Viagra interacts with medications that contain nitrates with the combination, potentially causing the patient’s blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels. The recall was issued in late March, but the FDA has yet to receive any complaints regarding any interactions experienced by Miracle Honey users.


Anyone who has purchased Miracle Honey is asked to contact the company directly for returns. Miracle Honey was packaged in a wooden box with “Leopard Miracle Honey” on the packaging. Consumers are asked to stop taking the supplement immediately and contact the company by phone or email for return instructions or inquiries.


Safe Medication Options

Patients who need erectile medications should use brand-name drugs prescribed through their doctors.  Harvard Health states that erectile dysfunction medications are effective in approximately 70 percent of users. Patients with certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, and heart disease may not be recommended ED drugs because of interactions with medications used to treat these health issues.

Any consumers concerned about using Miracle Honey can talk to their doctors. The FDA also has an official notice on their website with contact information for those looking for more information about the recall and anyone who wishes to file a report about adverse effects experienced while taking the product.