Motorcyclist Escapes Fatal Crash

A Pasadena police officer was involved in a motorcycle crash, but escaped without an injury. The crash in southeast Houston was serious. Another motorcyclist may have a leg injury per police reports. The motorcycle crash was reported by on Saturday by KHOU and happened before 11:30 AM right by the 610 Loop and Highway 225. The motorcycle police officer was escorting a rally of motorcycle riders according to KHOU. The crash stopped several lanes of traffic on the highway, but traffic in all lanes was restored.

Danger of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes like the one reported here happen more often than anyone would think which is why it’s important to wear safety equipment, have proper motorcycle insurance and good lawyer. Motorcyclists can be seriously injured in a collision according to The Joe Stephens Law Firm, due to the fact that they don’t have airbags, steel frames and other automobile safety features that protect drivers. Additionally, insurance companies are likely to view motorcycle riders negatively as reckless bikers, just because they ride motorcycles. But the truth is that no matter how much experience you have as a motorcycle driver, you can still have a collision with serious injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Retaining an experienced motorcycle accident attorney after a collision will offer the assurance of someone who knows the ins and outs of motorcycle law. While personal injury lawyers practice similar cases, they may not have the experience with vehicle accident cases. In motorcycle accident cases, a lawyer who understands injury law will be able to obtain the compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and any other issues you have incurred.

Pictures of the Accident Scene

Having photos of the scene of a motorcycle crash is helpful in personal injury cases. Witness statements taken at the time of the crash or immediately afterward can also contain evidence needed during litigation. If statements are taken too long after the crash, witnesses may not remember what happened as well. A motorcycle accident lawyer will have experience with litigation that follows a motorcycle accident, and be able to offer you appropriate compensation for your loss. You can discuss your accident with a personal injury lawyer before filing a claim free of charge.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle drivers don’t always allow enough room for motorcyclists on the highway. While most bikers are experienced riders, they can’t always avoid an accident. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include failure to yield right of way, turning in front of a motorcyclist, pulling in front of a motorcycle, or changing lanes into the lane a biker is in. Any or all of these situations can lead to a motorcycle accident causing significant injury to the rider.