Understanding Environmental Law


Most people alive today are aware of the concept of global warming. However, they may not be aware that there are laws implemented to help us approach this subject. 

These laws fall under the domain of environmental law. What is environmental law, and why is it important?

What is Environmental Law and Why is it Important

Environmtal law is a broad topic. It refers to any laws that relate specifically to the environment and how we interact with it

These can take the form of regulations on business activities or many other forms as well.

Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
These laws are very important. They allow us to tackle the mounting problem of greenhouse gas emissions. For the last several decades, human progress has been spurred on by our dependence on fossil fuels.

 Fossil fuels provide abundant and easily accessible energy. However, this comes at the cost of greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases contribute significantly to the global warming problem. Environmental law allows us to limit the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere every year.

Protect Our Natural Resources:
Businesses are not always the best stewards of their environment. When there are no environmental laws, many businesses will devastate the land on which they operate. 

Properly implemented environmental laws can help to protect the natural resources on which we depend. This allows us to maintain a sustainable community.

Prevent Environmental Degradation:
Over the last four decades, nearly 70% of earth’s biomass has passed away. Much of this biomass diversity loss comes directly from human activity. 

If we do not implement new environmental laws to protect our environment from degrading, we will lose even more biodiversity.

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

The best way for us to transition to a more sustainable world is by switching our primary energy source. As stated previously, fossil fuels are the most abundant source of energy in use today. 

If this does not change, it will have devastating consequences for the planet. Our best hope as of right now is switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Renewable Energy:
Renewable energy comes from sources that do not deplete over time. One of the big issues with fossil fuels is a limited supply. Eventually, there will be no more oil to pump out of the ground. 

We must transition our energy infrastructure to sustainable sources. 

Energy Efficiency:


You can use this tool to help you find the best utility provider in your area. It is useful to find better deals on your utility bill each month than you currently have. There is an additional benefit of this tool.

 You can use it to compare the different options in your area on more than price. Look and see if there is an electric utility provider that utilizes renewable energy sources. This will allow you to contribute to a better world.

Environmental Steward:
Switch to an electric utility provider that generates their electricity from renewable sources. It is one of the best decisions you can make. We all must do our part if we wish to continue living in a habitable world. 

Changes must be made. Otherwise, there will not be a habitable planet to leave for future generations.

Final Notes on Environmental Law and Its Importance

We all know the importance of global warming and the impact it will have on the planet shortly. However, not all companies are making the necessary changes. Unfortunately, the profit motive is too powerful for some. 

Our best tool as a society is to utilize the law’s power to enforce these changes where necessary. These changes are the only way to guarantee that our planet’s future will not be apocalyptic. You do not need to be anxious, but you must take action.