When will you need Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers?

Traumatic brain injury is also known as head injury or concussion and can be severe and sometimes fatal. They often force victims and families to make significant physical, psychological, and financial sacrifices. If you or someone you care about suffers brain damage due to someone else’s carelessness, you need to help get the compensation you need to deal with the aftermath. 

Causes of traumatic brain injury 

  • Road accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Drowning 
  • Any other trauma 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) holds brain trauma and concussion statistics.

The following are the major causes of these types of personal injury, according to the report: 

  • Car crash
  • Motorbike accident
  • Work-site accident 
  • Drowning
  • Slipping and falling
  • Unintentional blunt trauma

Being hit by a falling object on a construction site is an example of unintended blunt trauma. Accidents involving motor vehicles account for 14% of all traumatic brain injuries. They are also responsible for 26% of all brain trauma deaths. Physical assault can lead to brain injuries. Violence is responsible for approximately 10% of all brain injuries. Brain injuries can occur due to medical negligence as well. Correctly monitoring a patient or accidental respiratory failure during a medical procedure can cause severe brain damage. 

According to the CDC, over 5.3 million Americans live with a brain trauma injury. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 1.5 million people suffer from head trauma each year. Eighty-five thousand of them are permanently disabled, and 50,000 die. Thousands suffer from brain trauma every day. However, many do not seek the legal advice needed to ensure adequately indemnified. 

Symptoms of brain damage

Many people are unaware that head injuries are more common than they think and are often undiagnosed. Severe brain damage can impair cognitive and behavioral function and even put the victim into a coma, but even seemingly minor accidents can cause severe brain damage. Know the signs and symptoms of head injuries so that you can diagnose and treat them as soon as possible.

  • Lightheadedness
  • Memory lapses
  • Headaches
  • Morning sickness
  • Vision or hearing changes
  • Sleep issues
  • Speech problems or difficulty finding words
  • Emotional shifts, depression, and so on.

What to do if you are affected by traumatic brain injury? 

Seek medical attention immediately if you or anyone you care about suffers a brain injury. At first glance, a traumatic brain injury can be challenging to detect. And an untreated brain injury can cause long-term cognitive and physical harm. So carefully monitor the person for changes in behavior, language, emotions, or other symptoms—document all doctor appointments, prescription medications, absentee hours, and available witness statements. 

How long do I have to claim a brain trauma injury?

There is no clear explanation for this question. It is determined by the state in which you live. Some states require you to make a claim one year before the accident, while others seem to take more than a year. However, a person with a severe head injury should file a complaint as soon as possible because the evidence is likely to be intact. 

How Can Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Help?

If you or your loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury in an accident, it is essential to consult traumatic brain Injury lawyers familiar with these complex situations. An experienced lawyer can fully answer your questions and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery. In addition, they work with investigators, industry experts, and health professionals to ensure that losses are adequately compensated. This includes: 

  •  Medical bills 
  •  Recreation 
  •  Long-term care service 
  •  Lost salary 
  •  Decline or loss of profitability 
  •  Suffering and pain

In addition, medical costs should not prevent the acquisition of a suitable legal representative. Therefore, they should not charge you unless they have received your reward. There should not be any direct or out-of-pocket payment. 

Final Thoughts

Depending on the nature of the case, brain Injury lawyers near Las Vegas can assist you in ensuring that you are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. They can also represent you in a lawsuit to help you get your claim.