3 Ways to Gain a Potential Client’s Trust

Building trust with current clients is hard enough, but how do you gain trust with potential clients? These are clients that are searching the internet trying to compare different products and services to find the perfect fit for them.

An abundance of information allows clients to be “picky” when looking for a product or service.

Adweek reports that 81% of consumers conduct research of products online before making a purchase. And 61% of consumers read reviews of products before they click the “checkout” button. These figures are similar for consumers of service-based businesses.

Trust is paramount when trying to convert potential leads.

You can gain a potential client’s trust through:

1. Results and Testimonial Pages

Services can prove that they achieve results for their clients. Lawyers are notorious for having results pages. Take Reyna Injury Lawyers as a prime example of a results page. The firm has case results that build trust among potential clients.

Utilizing “large numbers,” the firm breaks it down for the client:

  • $11.3 million wrongful death settlement
  • $4.5 million in fees
  • $41,751 in expenses
  • $6.75 million net to the client

Results prove the worthiness of a service-based business.

Testimonials also work well to gain trust. A lot of service-based entities will have both results and testimonial pages to build trust.

Dentists can have before and after pictures of teeth whitening, plumbers can show pictures of flooded basements that have since been pumped and landscapers can show the results of their projects.

If you show your results with pride, it will help build trust with your customers.

2. Make the Client Important

Every client is important. When you have a client, you need to treat them well if you expect them to refer your business or continue using your business. And when a client is still searching for a business to give their business to, there is something that you can do to gain their trust: make the client important.

You can make the client feel important by:

  • Responding to their calls quickly
  • Replying to emails promptly
  • Providing realistic estimates

If you make a potential client wait too long, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Call the client back promptly and respect their time.

These two key important things can build trust quickly with a potential client.

3. Keep Your Commitments

Commitments are important, and this blends in perfectly with our second point. You need to keep your commitments if you want the client to trust your business. Clients have to do some work, too, such as provide you with feedback, consent and information about their needs.

This is a time matter, yes, but it’s also a time when you need to:

  • Keep appointments and only cancel under dire situations
  • Follow up with clients promptly
  • Communicate with clients regularly about deadlines and progress

Sometimes, deadlines are missed. A supplier doesn’t send you a part or bad weather causes you to fall behind. Missing deadlines happens, but when you don’t relay this information to a client, it can become disastrous.

You have commitments to uphold, and clients will appreciate your frequent communication with them even if the communication is a deadline delay.