5 Tips for Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are on the verge of going bankrupt, then getting a bankruptcy attorney as early as now will definitely be a great help. It may not sound logical as we all know that hiring lawyers will cost a significant amount of money, but think about it this way; spend 20,000 dollars for a legal team and reduce 100,000 dollars of debt to your creditors or spend nothing and save nothing. Yes, as long you as you hire a competent bankruptcy lawyer, then you will most likely be able to shave off a chunk of the amount due from your eventual debt during the bankruptcy process. To help, we have provided you with 5 tips to find a bankruptcy attorney.

  •    Competence

The very first thing that you should check when getting a bankruptcy lawyer is, of course, their competence. They should know their way around your local state’s legal rulings with regards to bankruptcy cases. Most of these lawyers that specialize in bankruptcy have significant financial backgrounds, such as a business course undergraduate degree or a significant experience working in a business company’s legal team. When you find these kinds of lawyers, then you are most likely on the right road.

  •    Small or Big Law Firms

You also have to choose between small and big law firms. The main reason for this is that; the lawyer or legal team must be able to handle and fully manage your bankruptcy case. If you have a big company, then it is more logical to opt for big law firms. With their legal team of lawyers, paralegals and researchers, you would able to cover all bases and ensure that all possible strong points would be taken advantage. On the other hand, if you only have a single proprietorship or a small business, then a small firm with an experienced bankruptcy might just be enough for you. Remember that you are trying to save money, so unnecessary expenses should always be avoided.

  •    Visit local state bar association

Each state has their own laws, statutes, and rulings. Thus, it would be best for you to visit your state’s local bar association. This way, you will be able to know who the practicing lawyers are that specializing in bankruptcy cases in your area. Furthermore, by talking to the people there, you would most likely be able to get some tips or recommendations from them.

  •    Visit the bankruptcy court

Know thy enemy, and your chances of winning will surely increase. With regards to bankruptcy, paying a visit to the bankruptcy court will definitely do you good. Not only are you showing your intention of not running away from the extremely difficult case, you can also get to know the people inside the court. You can ask them for referrals or some information on lawyers that can help you with your case. The more options you have, the better for you.

  •    Interview and choose from several candidates

When choosing the lawyer that will represent you in your bankruptcy case, it is always better to choose the lawyers from several candidates. Spend time on interviewing and discussing things with each candidate. The more “financial” these discussions get, the better it is for your case. Remember, that since you are spending money anyways, make sure that it will be more than its’ worth.