6 Questions To Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can be devastating. Whether you’re at fault or not, it can seriously impact your life and the life of others due to severe injuries, property damage, and others. The inconveniences such as totaled vehicles, paying medical bills, and being unable to work can also pile up.

If you’re unsure of the next steps, you can consult a lawyer specializing in car accidents. The following are questions you can ask your professional legal counsel.

1. Should I seek medical attention if I feel “ok” after the accident?

It’s one of the questions most asked of clients of the car accident attorney they meet up for the first time before they initiate legal proceedings.

An experienced personal injury lawyer would advise the client to seek medical attention if they haven’t been to the doctor yet. Getting a medical checkup is crucial because some injuries aren’t obvious enough. They could manifest at a later period, from days to years after the crash.

If you’ve gotten involved in an accident, you should see a medical professional to diagnose your injuries early. Otherwise, it’ll be left unidentified and could become worse if untreated.

2. Are you the right accident lawyer for my case?

Lawyers who are sure of themselves are also aware of their limits. The best legal professionals do is prepare their clients for making a claim, but they know to never give people false hopes. They believe in people’s character and causes and say it as if the case won’t receive much-needed attention.

If the professional is an independent practitioner, time and availability could also be an issue. It’s best to approach a more prominent firm where various lawyers, paralegals, record specialists, and hardworking staff members can assist you. Your lawyer must have time and energy to spend on your case and building up your legal standing.

3. How experienced is the lawyer (and staff) who will handle my case?

If your attorney has not enough experience in the case you have, that’s not enough to ignore them. If they’re in an environment such as a law firm, they can still get some information from their most experienced fellow attorneys. You don’t want your case to be handled by only one lawyer.

A firm should have multiple lawyers who are experts in your case, and it’s best to work with a lawyer who has dealt with the same case as yours. The next question you need to ask is the number of cases won in a court.

4. Can you provide me with the results of past claims like mine?

You need to ask your lawyer this question to find out if you’re a good fit for each other.

Car accidents can be complicated, so you need to seek expert representation. Once you learn about the results of past car negligence claims, it’ll give you an insight into the cases that a potential lawyer has handled and how they won. You’ll also be able to tell how and where in the claims process resolved the case.

Look into the settlements or decisions from the court your attorney has secured. You’d like someone who’ll be able to get a good compromise for you. Some lawyers are only likely to get settlement claims in one out of 20 cases, which doesn’t look good. Look for a lawyer that can offer a high probability of getting you what you need.

5. Will you will handle my case on a contingent fee basis and advance all costs?

Realize that lawyers aren’t regularly paid like standard workers. Most are only on a contingency fee basis and will only get paid if they win your case. Contingency-based pay means they’ll get around 20 to 40 percent of the settlement total. Some lawyers will charge hourly, but if you can’t afford it, it’s best to look for someone on a contingency basis.

6. What can I do to help with my case?

No matter how many cases they’ve won, the lawyer can’t do everything for you. You’d want to discuss this with your lawyer and do your part to strengthen your legal standing.

Realize that there are multiple deadlines that you must be aware of, such as hiring an attorney with limited time who will help you file a claim. In some states, there are two years to file for a claim or case called stature of limitations. Once the deadline has passed, you can’t have the lawsuit filed against the other driver anymore.


It’s essential to have a list of questions to ask your potential accident lawyer. You’ll be working together, and you don’t want to have a falling out in the middle of a case because of a misunderstanding. It’s best to work with an attorney with experience in your case to help you navigate the same and have a better probability of winning.