7 Tricks Law Firms Can Use to Retain the Highest-Performing Talent

Legal firms continue to compete for high-performing legal talent. Besides attracting new talented associates, you want your firm to retain its best employees; they are, after all, the essence of your organization, increasing productivity. In addition, the best employees give you an increased advantage over your competitors, making them valuable to your firm.

These are seven tricks used by law firms you can implement to retain your high-performing talent:

1.      Provide Ongoing Training

As a legal firm, you need to invest in your employees, encouraging them to continue investing in your firm. By inspiring their professional development further, you show them that you want their success, increasing their commitment and loyalty to your legal firm. Focus the training on specific areas, and include training on the changes to their roles and responsibility.

2.      Mentoring Advice

Develop a mentorship scheme where you or another senior employee provides assistance and constructive criticism. The mentor shouldn’t be someone who already manages the employee; otherwise, this is usually ineffective and inauthentic.

As you mentor your legal employees, remember an annual review of their performance is not enough. Instead, give them structured feedback regularly to help them recognize the areas where they have shortcomings. Consistent feedback helps them figure out where they need to improve, helping them meet your expectations.

3.      Offer Growth Opportunities

Talented people want to know that they have growth potential in your legal firm. Of course, salary increases are as significant as title changes are, but tell them about promotions and let them know about their growth opportunities.

Explain how they can move upward by revealing the progression path at your firm. By knowing where they are heading when they join your firm, their motivation drives them forward and makes them feel valued.

4.      Set an Environment for Collaboration

People working in similar areas of the law within your firm often need to collaborate. They also need a space to hold an impromptu meeting between themselves or with clients. Is your office environment designed to accommodate teamwork, discussions, and easy access to colleagues? If not, consider redesigning the office to accommodate the needs of the various departments and their employees.

Updating your office space by giving it a fresher and more modern appearance is another way to boost productivity and improve traffic flow.

The more accessible spaces are, the easier it is to collaborate and communicate in the office, and the more appealing it becomes for legal talent to stay at your firm.

5.      Perks That Improve Employee Retention

Younger associates are attracted to perks linked to technology. Whatever perks you decide to include, make sure these contribute to a welcoming and stress-free environment. These perks could include a lounge or dining area for break-time interactions, a state-of-the-art coffee machine, a smart microwave, etc.

6.      Alternative Work Schedules

Younger legal associates are particularly attracted to legal firms that offer alternate work schedules. They want the flexibility offered by a hybrid approach, allowing them to work remotely on some days.

7.      Technology and Remote Collaboration

Besides creating the ideal in-office environment for collaboration, you need to ensure your employees can enjoy the same teamwork when working remotely. Technology like cloud solutions, instant communication, delegation tools, and cybersecurity is vital for creating an environment that encourages retention. Everyone in your law firm must learn to use the technology required for remote work. These tools will allow legal employees to access files and systems remotely, increasing their billable hours and making them happier employees.

Moving Forward

The more everyone can collaborate and communicate, the more appealing it is to retain legal talent. These seven tricks keep the best talent in your law firm, helping to boost their morale and improving office culture. These ideas may seem like an expensive investment, but retaining employees is far cheaper than the cost required to replace them with new people. Besides retaining your employees, these tips provide value for your clients, giving your law firm a competitive edge in a constantly changing industry.