8 Simple Tricks to Get More Repeat Clients for Your Law Firm

Every law firm needs a strategy to ensure they get repeat business from their clients. According to marketing research, it is easier to sell services to existing clients than new ones. Additionally, repeat clients spend more than new ones.

Two reasons why most law firms fail to retain clients effectively: they underestimate client demand for additional services or don’t make their clients aware of all the services they provide. Connect with your clients, ensuring they are aware of and don’t forget all the services you can offer them.

Here are eight simple tricks to get more repeat clients to your law firm:

1.      Make Your Firm Likeable

It is essential that your clients like your firm if you want their continued support. This doesn’t mean that you have to hang out with them, but show them your human side by remembering their case or family details. Networking events are a great way to mingle with your existing clients and meet future clients, allowing them to know your personality better. You could even host client appreciation receptions annually at your practice, where clients can meet all the members of your firm.

2.      Appoint a Relationship Manager

If your daily commitments don’t allow you enough time to manage client relations, you should appoint someone to manage client relations. Long-term relationship management often gets lost with work demands, so that person’s job is to help you understand your clients better.

3.      Manage Client Issues Regularly

A monthly review of your existing clients is a proactive way of ensuring no ongoing issues or opportunities are missed. This shows your clients that you are their valued partner, with their interests at heart. Once problems are identified, together with your clients, you can decide on the best course of action, especially if these are issues requiring legal attention.

4.      Offer Effective and Valuable Services

Your clients need to know that your legal services are practical and valuable. Your clients recognize your expertise and consider you for their future legal needs by getting their legal representation right. This requires a system in place that helps you meet all deadlines and informs you of changes to the law and relevant court decisions. You also need a reliable team to help you complete each case appropriately.

5.      Have an Honest Approach

Your clients have a lot at stake with each case but remember they want to know the truth, as hard as this is to communicate to them in some cases. Always ensure an honest approach, avoiding giving your clients false hope. Additionally, be honest if something went wrong because of something your firm missed, and let them know what corrective actions your firm will take. Honesty protects your firm’s integrity.

6.      Stay in touch

A monthly newsletter is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to remind your clients that your firm is there offering them the legal services they require.

7.      Maintain Your Certifications and See Specialization

It is essential to maintain your CLE certifications. However, upskilling is just as important in law as other industries to ensure you keep up with innovations. This is the best way to stay relevant and retain clients. Specialization also helps you develop a reputation in a specific area of law, making your services sought-after. Retaining them.

8.      Prevent Billing Issues

Clients don’t like to be overbilled for the services you offer them. Accuracy on your invoices is easy to achieve with tracking and billing software. These systems also help you send out the invoices on time, showing clients how professional your firm is and resulting in more effective and faster payments.

9.      Keep up the Communication

One of the most frequent complaints about lawyers is that they don’t give regular updates and never return calls. Communication, like returning phone calls and responding to emails, is the best way to make clients feel valued by their lawyers. If you don’t have the time to respond to clients, delegate this task to someone else.

Final Take

Customer retention depends on two things – your ability to practice law and micro-management. Maintain both these by following the tips above, ensuring the ultimate client experience and repeat business.