9 Best YouTube Channels and Podcasts for Lawyers

Lawyers have hundreds of options of YouTube channels and podcasts to follow. These cover a variety of interesting and practical legal topics that include legal news, legal ethics, marketing ideas, and technology trends.

These are some of the best YouTube channels and podcasts for lawyers:

1.      Wild About Trial – YouTube Channel

With Wild About Trial, you get up-to-the-minute news and expert legal analysis of riveting criminal cases.

On this YouTube channel, there are videos to view, and when available, you also get live feed from courtrooms. The channel allows lawyers to learn about all the players in each case, and it includes pictures and brief biographies. Lawyers can see up-to-date news related to the various trials they are interested in.

2.      Bloomberg Law – YouTube Channel

Bloomberg Law provides integrated legal research and business intelligence for legal professionals who want to deliver value to their clients. Bloomberg Law is BloombergBNA’s flagship legal service and it is updated regularly. This is where you can keep up-to-date with all legal issues and watch videos about current issues and newsmakers.

With 13,000 subscribers and over 2.5 million views, Bloomberg Law is proving invaluable to members of the legal community.

3.      Lawyerist Podcast

Hosted by Laura Brigs and Stephanie Everett, the Lawyerist Podcast is an award-winning podcast aired weekly, and it deals with lawyering and law practice issues. The hosts feature and chat with successful lawyers and industry experts. They also hold discussions with prominent business book authors, feature innovative business models, legal technology, marketing, and law ethics.

Young legal professionals are offered advice on starting a law firm. The podcast also features innovative legal technology, including robots.

The Lawyerist Podcast also offers practical advice to lawyers running a solo or very small law firm. Their tips are practical, and they throw in a lot of humor and loads of information. This is one of the greatest podcasts for you if you are determined to meet the lawyering demands of the modern world. There are over 250 episodes packed with valuable information.

4.      Legal Toolkit

Legal Toolkit is hosted by Heidi Alexander and Jared Correia and is a monthly podcast. The team concentrates on law practice management and how law firms can improve. Watch interviews with top lawyers and professionals in each episode who discuss how they have improved the management of their practices for the better. Listen to how they improve their services, their innovative ideas, and the programs they have implemented. They also touch on the latest legal trends, legal tools, and offer lots of tips. Their tech topics help you stay up to date.

When the podcast started over ten years ago, they initially catered to attorneys in Massachusetts, but now they encompass all the states.

5.      The Law Entrepreneur

Neil Tyra is the host of The Law Entrepreneur, a podcast about the business side of running a law practice. This is one area most lawyers are never for by law school, so they don’t know how to grow their practices into thriving legal businesses.

The podcast was born out of Neil’s own frustrations of running his legal firm. Watch interviews with practicing lawyers and industry experts. They provide loads of good advice and insight on running a successful law firm. The topics they touch on include niche practice areas, repaying student loans, leveraging LinkedIn and social media, and how to grow a legal practice.

6.      Lawyers Gone Ethical

Lawyers Gone Ethical, hosted by Megan Zavieh, is a weekly podcast. Megan keeps you aware of changes to the ethical rules in the legal industry. Their interpretation and application are vital, and often, legal ethical issues are not in sync with modern business and technology.

Megan also covers current topics and provides tools and resources ensuring lawyering success.

7.      Building New Law

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold host the podcast Building New Law. This is a Canadian legal podcast and the hosts are from Counter Tax Lawyers in Toronto. The podcast features interviews and insights to help practice the next generation of law. Learn about how a client-centric approach can be used to deliver legal services by focusing on people first.

Advice is offered on how to improve productivity, how to use technology to make your law practice more efficient, and how to improve client experience.

8.      ABA Journal – YouTube Channel

ABA Journal is a respected legal affairs magazine and website. It is the leading magazine of the American Bar Association, and the YouTube channel offers legal news updates, covers trending legal issues, legal people, and finance.

9.      The Gen Why Lawyer

Millennial attorneys Nicole Abboud and Karima Gulick host The Gen Why Lawyer. Their focus is inspiring for young attorneys, but their advice and that of their guests is relevant to attorneys of all generations.

It is a less tech-focused podcast than others but episode topics range from kindness towards others, empowerment, and modern law practice management.

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