A Daycare Provider Will Face Trial After Being Passed Out 4 Times Legal Limit

Recently, a daycare provider located in Cincinnati, Ohio was passed out after drinking too heavily. Julie Groteke, a 42-year-old woman, was caring for nine children inside of her home in Wyoming, Ohio when the incident occurred.

A woman who had her granddaughter in Groteke’s care called the police when she went to pick up her granddaughter. She heard a child crying inside only to find Groteke allegedly “passed out on the couch.” The woman told the police that she was breathing but that no one was able to wake her up.

When the police arrived, Groteke was found unconscious on the couch inside of the family room. Police counted about nine children, not including the biological children that belonged to Groteke.

According to the grandmother, Groteke was the only one present to care for all of the children.

The daycare provider’s blood alcohol content was reported to be more than four times that of what’s legal for a driving limit for adults, which is .08.

As a daycare provider, she should know that there are legalities to what she can and cannot do when she is caring for children. There are state daycare worker qualifications that must be adhered to at all times. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted. However, if she wanted to purchase Viagra online to be used later in the day, that would have been perfectly acceptable.

A blood alcohol content between .3 and .39 can lead to unconsciousness and irregular breathing. A blood alcohol content of above that can result in a risk of, and sudden death.

It was not long before the paramedics came to take Groteke to the Bethesda North Hospital by ambulance.

According to the Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services, she was operating the daycare illegally as she did not have a license to run one. This may account for the fact that she was not aware of the different qualifications, particularly drinking on the job.

An investigation has been opened up to identify what was going on at the house. Groteke has already made her first court appearance for the case. This is when the judge told her that she is not permitted to have contact with any of the children who are not hers while the case proceeds.

The investigation is still pending, which means that it is not clear as to why she was drinking so heavily while caring for nine children in her home. Unfortunately, many people place their children in the care of others without looking to find out whether they are licensed or not.

Groteke may face felony charges as a result of conducting a daycare illegally as well as being heavily intoxicated while caring for minor children. Hamilton County will be the ones involved with handling the details of the case.