Are Lawyers Really More Productive Working From Home?

It has reached a stage where working from home is no longer a choice for some; it is a must. With horrible commute traffic and a rising number of duties requiring us to be at home more frequently, working remotely may undoubtedly offer many advantages. But, at the same time, working from home has several disadvantages.

Unsurprisingly, legal employers have embraced the trend of remote employment. However, the one question remains: Are lawyers more productive when working from home rather than in the office?

Most significant Benefits for Lawyers Working From Home

Many people, including lawyers, claim they are more productive at home because they save each day. For example, most lawyers save up to four hours a day by not sitting in the car driving into the office and then back home once the workday is finished. Before working from home became an option, most commuters stayed later at work to avoid the traffic, which allowed them to work longer hours.

Not having to sit in traffic for up to four hours each day allows lawyers to get right to work from the moment they walk into their home office. Not only that, but lawyers working from home can log more billable hours. Trying to multitask while driving into work just doesn’t cut it, as they can’t type up a brief while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Two other reasons lawyers are more productive from home are that the home office is far less stressful than a typical office, and they can focus better at home. In addition, working from home is far less stressful because there is no dealing with stressed-out co-workers or bosses.

Not only that, but some people are stressed over a fast-paced work environment, so being able to do things at their speed allows them to get more done at home than in an office. In addition, but a fast-paced environment comes with more distractions. At home, people can focus on the task at hand without all of the background noise.

The Downside of Working From Home

Sure, most lawyers are more productive when working from home, but that doesn’t mean everybody should be doing it. One of the biggest problems with having a lawyer in a large firm work from home is their co-workers might wonder how productive they are. The best way to combat these questions is to keep their billable hours consistent.

Another big problem with working from home that affects productivity is the lack of contact with other attorneys and the struggle of meeting with clients. Having contact with other attorneys is a big deal because everybody needs to know they are not alone. However, with attorneys working on large or small cases, seeking advice or support from colleagues is a must.

Meeting with new clients can also be tricky because a home office doesn’t instill as much confidence in a potential client as a professional office. Not only that, but the introduction of various clients occurs almost daily in larger law firms. If working from home, lawyers often miss out on these essential connections.