Best Law Firm Timekeeping Software for Work from Home Situations

Timekeeping is already a difficult task while in the office. When working from home, it can become even more of a chore. Lawyers tend to be professionals that don’t have any delineation between home and work. The longer you’re in the profession, the more it feels like you’re never off the clock. Timekeeping is an essential tool for those of us having to work from home during the pandemic. Several tools exist that can help lawyers deal with their remote work timekeeping needs. There’s always a concern about having timekeeping software that can operate in a remote environment. These tools are specifically designed to address the needs of lawyers on the go. This article intends to look at a few of them and how they function in a practical setting.

Time Master + Billing (iOS, $9.99)

Time Master offers a straightforward solution that runs on Apple devices. Since it can be used remotely, it’s a good solution that’ll keep track of your time while you’re in the middle of a project. The system that Time Master uses allows you to customize rates by category. Time entries can be sorted by which client the task is associated with and can further be broken up into groups and functions. Time rounding allows you to include partial hour billing, and you can even include expense tracking to one or more accounts. The system also comes with optional add-ons such as an export functionality for QuickBooks and wireless synchronization across multiple devices.

TSheets (Android/iOS, $28 – $50 /mo.)

A professional time-tracking solution, TSheets, allows employees to clock in and out remotely from their phones. Once the system is synced with QuickBooks online, employee pay sheets can be automatically generated. Not only is TSheets a fully streamlined solution that speeds up pay sheet generation, but it also allows for scheduling and project management within the same application. Time can be tracked per-project or on location and will enable businesses to see who’s working at which time. It’s a one-stop app for the professional management of a practice.

Time and Attendance (Android/iOS, Price by Quote)

Time and Attendance is an automated employee tracking solution similar to TSheets but is linked with ADP payroll processing software instead. With a single overarching username and password, and a mobile interface that works with the touch of a button, employees can use the system just as easily as a mobile time-tracking solution. Businesses can even set schedules, manage time tracking online, and set up scheduled vacation and project milestones remotely.

Working from Home is Easier Now

While the crisis is still in full swing, it has forever changed the way businesses operate. Working from home has become the norm rather than the exception. As time goes by, businesses will need to continue to find solutions for automating worker timekeeping. These solutions are ideal for any company that needs remote timekeeping software. Lawyers, particularly, can stand to benefit from these applications, allowing workers to continue to work from home while automating the payroll process based on billable hours.