Blogging for Lawyers: 4 Ways to Come Up With Posts People Want to Read

Lawyers need to have an online presence to draw in leads and help boost their reputation online. If you’re a lawyer staring at a blank page not sure what to write, it’s time to be creative and find out what others are asking about in your industry.

You’re an expert in a field where people have a lot of questions.

Answer these questions and you’ll find that natural traffic comes trickling in, and your future and current clients will have a nice databank of information to read. There’s a lot you can write about, and you can find most of your next topics right online.

1. Quora Questions

Quora is the go-to place for people who want to ask questions. The great thing about Quora is that it’s more professional than the likes of Yahoo Answers or other answer sites. You can start your search quickly and easily:

I am going to use “personal injury” as my query, and I’ve gotten a few questions that I can easily turn into topics:

  • Should you admit guilt to your attorney?
  • What is the concept of “pain and suffering?”
  • Can I receive compensation when struck by a dead animal on the freeway?

These are golden opportunities to write a post or even post your answers on Quora with a more in-depth blog post on your site.

2. News Explanations and Updates

The law changes often, so you have the opportunity to write about many of these topics on your website. We’ll use a general idea for law firm marketing that is derived from recent news articles. The news headline that we’ll use is:

  • Missouri laws restricting abortion blocked by Federal judge

You have a few options to use this breaking news to make a post:

  • Breakdown the events leading to the blockage
  • Discuss laws restricting abortion across the country
  • Write an article of similar rulings

You also have the option to flex your experience muscles a bit, and discuss the topic in greater depth and outline what the implications of the blockage means in your state.

If you can find a news headline relevant to your specialty in your state, you’ll be able to make an informative, impactful post that is easily shared and will get a lot of social attention.

3. Poll Clients on Questions They Have

Google Forms makes it super simple to ask your clients questions and gather all of your responses in one central location. Free and efficient, you can make a Google Form that is sent out to your clients using email marketing.

You can also send follow-up emails to clients.

The goal is to dig for questions that your current and past clients may have that you can write a blog post about. This is a hyper relevant question that will impress current clients that have lingering questions and can be used for reference in the future, too.

4. Reddit for Questions

Reddit is wildly popular, and if you can tap into the community, you will find that there are thousands of people asking questions not related to cat pictures. You can brainstorm some blog posts by looking at:

  • Topics
  • Questions posted
  • News posted
  • AMAs

If you don’t seem to find anything of relevance on the site, branch out and look on Twitter, Facebook Groups and LinkedIn to see what others are talking about. The great thing about this method is you know people are searching for questions that you can answer as a lawyer.

You just have to fill in the blanks for people wanting to know more about your area of specialty in the law field.