Construction Workers Particularly at Risk for Falls, Trips, Slips

Many occupations carry the risk of fall and slips. However, construction workers are particularly vulnerable due to the frequent climbing and sometimes chaotic workplace.

Fatalities from Falls Highest in Construction

Fatalities caused by falls still kill the most construction workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, as of 2016, 370 of the 991 (4 of or 10) construction fatalities derived from falls from high elevation. Each of these deaths was unnecessary.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has set aside a day every year for the National Safety Council and other groups to promote a Fall Safety Stand Down. The event takes place each May and the NSC asks all construction employees to take a few minutes of silence to mark the day and to think about the importance of safety on the job.

What is a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an all too frequent result of a blow to the head. A TBI interrupts the brain’s normal processes. While not all bumps and jolts cause severe injury, when they do the results can be devastating. Mild brain injuries change the mental capacity of the victim. A brief interval is required to get back mental equilibrium. Severe TBI lasts for an extended period and can be permanent.

Some of the symptoms are memory loss and decreased mental capacity. Fortunately, most brain injuries are not severe but result in a concussion.

How Big is the Issue?

In the U.S., in 2013 (latest data available), 2.8 million emergency room visits, deaths and hospital stays resulted from traumatic brain injuries and their aftermath. Overall, traumatic brain injury killed 50,000 people in the course of the five years preceding the study.

It’s Not Just Construction Workers that Need to Know Their Rights

Outside of the workplace, slips and fall can happen at any business. If it results from the negligence of another party, victims need to understand their rights.

“Businesses, such as shopping malls, apartments, hotels and stores, have a duty to protect guests from dangers that are foreseeable. This may include taking reasonable steps to protect guests from being assaulted by third parties, especially when they have had prior notice of the risk of injury,” according to Steinburg, Goodman and Kalish ; Chicago personal injury attorneys.

Whether a slip or fall happens at work or leisure, traumatic brain injury can cause serious personal distress and loss of income. Victims and their families should seek the help of a qualified lawyer.