Divorce lawyers recommend moving on… At the right party

It’s not necessarily official legal advice, but the best advice is never official. After the emotional, financial and logistical horror of a divorce, you definitely deserve to get out and loosen up just a bit.

However, going to the right party is more than just a release for your nerves. It can actually help you find the person that you were supposed to find in the first place. Who you know is more than an adage – it is a philosophy for people who are successful in life.

Partying with the right people is literally a profession for Andrew Rudnick, owner of the famed Matzo Ball. And just what is the Matzo Ball? Well, besides being an incredibly sharp play on words, it is the party that you should have gone to before your divorce.

Seeing as we can’t change the past, however, showing up a few years late won’t hurt.

The right party is more than revelry and debauchery. It is the place where you see people’s true colors. inside of the right party, you can create an instant compatibility with the people who you are actually supposed to be with. Why?

No one is putting up a facade. No one is humoring anyone else with false conversation or doublespeak. In short, people’s representatives take a break. The real person comes out.

The right party creates a sense of community. You can get to know people through shared interests and common philosophies. You can get down to the nitty-gritty of these interests and philosophies more quickly than in any other environment. Nor do you have to be polite when you are searching out exactly what you want. You see what you like, and you go for it.

This is definitely what the matzo ball is all about. when Andrew came up with the concept, he was looking for his crowd. He thought to himself, what better way to create a crowd of people for myself than to create the atmosphere where these people would feel most comfortable? Many years later, the matzo ball has become one of the most well-known parties in the Jewish community – for people in the know, that is.

no one should have to go through the pain of a divorce alone. Come to the matzo ball and find the people who you are supposed to be with. Come to an environment where you will not be shamed for looking for exactly what you want. Create the rest of your life as the master of your life in the place where people come to change their lives.