Dog Bite Lawsuit: What Dog Bite Injury Attorney Can Do

If you have a dog and someone gets bitten, the dog bite victim may try to contact an attorney for advice. In some cases, dog owners are liable for injuries caused by their dog attacking another person. If this is the case, it’s important to speak with a dog bite lawyer who can help determine what your next course of action should be.

The lawyers at suggest that you hire a reliable dog bite injury attorney. A dog bite attorney can fight for your right in court whether you’re the accused or the victim. They can build your case, collate pieces of evidence on your behalf, and help you file indemnity in court.

Some victims or accused are pretty hesitant to commission the services of a seasoned lawyer because they think that they’ll be spending a lot of money. However, they fail to realize that their rights will be vindicated in exchange for payment – something money could never do. If you’re part of the hesitant group, check out these ways in how a dog bite attorney can offer assistance.

They can help establish the basis of the case

When you’re praying for indemnity in a dog bite case, you need to prove first that the dog is not legally permitted to be where the biting happened. Next, you also need to prove that the owner was remiss of their obligation to keep their dog within their premises to avoid causing damage, harm, or injury to others. After which, you also need to establish that you are also legally permitted to be where the accident happened. And lastly, you also need to show that there was no contributory negligence on your part.

For example, you live in a subdivision where dogs are not permitted to litter around. Your neighbor has a dog, and the same dog remained unleashed, free to roam within their unfenced property and beyond. Your 8-year old son was playing outside your house when the dog came over and suddenly bit him. You told your neighbor what happened, and she just dismissed your claims as capricious. What will you do?

Your dog bite lawyer can negotiate with your neighbor and attempt to settle the case amicably if you will so. But, unfortunately, if your neighbor is unwilling to settle, and you also want to teach them a lesson, your lawyer can initiate a civil case for damages on your behalf. The cause of action would be in the form of a tort that’s premised on negligence.

Your lawyer will build your claims

A lawsuit will always be antagonistic. As you establish your case, the other party will also establish their defense. Thus, in court, a clash of claims is expected. Since you’re the one bringing the case in the purview of the court, you’ll have the burden of proving the existence of probable cause and guilt on the part of the other party.

This means you need to gather pieces of evidence that would satisfy the quantum of evidence required in the case. For example, in action for damages, the quantum of evidence required by the court is only a preponderance of the evidence. This means that you only need to convince the court that there is a likelihood that a violation was committed.

How do you prove this? Firstly, your lawyer can collate pieces of evidence like subdivision rules on pets, corroborating statements to support your stand, and expert opinion to prove your assumptions. After which, he will interpellate witnesses in court while also crushing the other parts of the rebuttals. These need the expertise of a lawyer.

They can give you peace of mind

Lawyers know what they are getting themselves and their clients into, so they will never come to court unprepared. Before the litigation starts, they will already go through the hectic preparation phase that involves collaboration between them and their clients. The preparation also includes securing witnesses and rehearsing their testimonies.

With a reliable ally working with and for you, you will always feel safe. They know more than you when it comes to the law, so you can rest easy thinking that someone is working in your favor.


Filing a dog bite case is easier when the one working with you knows the ins and outs of the case and the whole process. As the client, you can rest easy thinking that you’re in reliable and willing hands.


If you find yourself in this situation, never think twice and seek the help of a qualified and reliable dog bite lawyer right away!