How to Determine if You Need to Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get into an accident or get injured through another person’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer helps you appeal for compensation and protect you against oppressive insurance companies that try to evade their obligation of compensating you. Of course, injury cases are not the same, but some situations call for legal interference.

When the Accident’s Liability is Disputed

To demand compensation in the case of an accident, you have to prove that the accident was the other person’s fault and not yours. It will be difficult to claim compensation if you cannot show evidence that their negligence or errors caused your accident. When they refuse to take liability, it is time to call a lawyer. The lawyer will investigate how the accident happened and who is responsible, then develop a strategy to demand justice on your behalf.

When Multiple Parties are Involved in the Accident

If your accident has happened due to an error or wrong-doing or multiple parties, it may be hard to prove exactly whose fault it was. In this case, a personal injury lawyer will develop a strategy to protect you best, even as the multiple defendants argue about who should be responsible for your injuries and who should compensate you. However, bear in mind that such a case is more complicated and takes longer, so you will have to dig your pockets a bit deeper.

If the Insurance Company is Refusing to Compensate You

If the person responsible for your injury has insurance, the insurance company should compensate you. However, some insurance companies may act in bad faith by refusing to investigate the incident, asking for unnecessary paperwork to make it difficult for you, making false allegations, and refusing to compensate for valid claims. Most lawyers are familiar with these insurance companies’ tactics, and the companies are likely to accept negotiation when you involve a lawyer. However, if they refuse to compensate you, your lawyer will file charges against them.

If You Acquired a Permanent Disability or Trauma From the Injury

If the injury leaves you with trauma and pain, a good lawyer should be able to maximize your compensation amount, which is often higher than physical injuries. Likewise, if the incident results in you getting a disability or impairment, it will cause you financial and health damages for a prolonged period or worse for a lifetime. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer to ensure fair compensation for your pain and losses.

When the Defendant is Claiming You Contributed to Sustaining Your Injury

Sometimes, the defendant and their insurance may claim that you are partially to blame for the incident that caused your injury to avoid compensating you fully. For instance, if you were hit by a car, they may claim you were not paying attention to the traffic lights. As a result, your compensation claim will be reduced by the portion of your error that led to the accident. Hire a competent lawyer to fight for you to get your rightful compensation.