How to Network with Other Attorneys in the Post Pandemic World?

The year that passed was seemingly endless for most lawyers forced into lockdown and missing their usual flow of events for networking and development. However, building a network in a post-pandemic world is likely to look slightly different from before, so here are a few essential considerations.

Changed priorities

If there is anything the past 18 months have taught us is the importance of family, friends, and health. But, for many attorneys, this time has also highlighted the need for a balance of their work-life.

This means that many have reassessed how they work, and superficial interactions are now seen for what they are – meaningless. Besides changing their work and networking priorities, lawyers apply these same principles to their clients, who are looking to establish deeper connections with their legal counsel.

Relationship marketing

Developing genuine relationships between teams and other lawyers will be far more significant now than in the past. In the legal world, quality will replace quantity, and that is also how other attorneys will refer clients. It is also how clients will also choose their legal representation.

Meaningless lead swapping between lawyers is set to lose its place to leads that offer genuine opportunities. Relationship marketing accentuates mutual respect, trust, and the development of authentic relationships with everyone. It highlights the need for clients to place their faith in the abilities of those lawyers who are complete professionals.

This checking-in approach works in both a virtual environment and the new post-pandemic normal because it helps create a sustainable and loyal client base.

Getting the networking right

As legal teams transition back to working from the office, networking is set to appear different. This is how it is likely to look:

Getting to know everybody

One of the most essential rules for networking is getting to know others properly. This allows for proper relationship building and marketing. Referrals in the legal world are about to change much more now since everybody’s values have changed. Integrity and sincerity are vital, and these can only shine through if place ego trips are left behind. Building lasting relationships in the legal industry is invaluable for all concerned.

Being selfless

The legal world has always relied on quid pro quo, but it is time that this “something for something” reasoning is thrown out the window. Doing good is no longer something offered in exchange for another good deed or as a business deal but to help build meaningful and rewarding relationships. Giving begets getting.

Create a niche

The fewer people a lawyer appeals to, the better it may be for business. The logic behind this is that it helps to grow their appeal. Marketing a niche specialty is significant to legal practice, ensuring that all remember it. One example: Some attorneys use the broad term like stating that their legal firm practices business law. Being more specific and explicit about their specialty makes it easier for others to connect (contract law, trademark, patents, or employment law for small businesses).

Using all available tools

Without a doubt, the internet became an invaluable tool to legal teams during the pandemic. Lawyers need to continue using their virtual connections even as they start networking in more traditional ways again. This type of hybrid model allows people to connect in an interactive world, allowing personalities to become more dimensional and stand out.

Meeting new people

The whole goal of the relationship marketing approach is to engage with people from all walks of life in meaningful ways. Whether this is done through the traditional form of networking or online, it entails bonding with people in the legal community and with clients. This is the best way for attorneys to increase their referral sources while improving their reputation.


Networking establishes more than just professional friendships; it ensures engaged referral sources and clients for attorneys. Relationship marketing is not something new, but the post-pandemic legal world will rely on it more than ever before.