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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Signs Strict Law Against Illegally Imported Guns

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a new bill into law on Tuesday in an effort to curb illegal gun trafficking in the state. The harsh bill will punish anyone found guilty of illegally trafficking firearms in the state with penalties of up to 30 years in prison.

Chicago is crime riddled and a major force behind the signing of the bill.

Crime in Chicago skyrocketed in the first three months of the year. April statistics released by the Chicago Police Department show murder rates rose 72% In the first three months of the year, with shootings rising 88% during the same time. July statistics point to 65 homicides and 441 shootings.

Since January 1, over 5,000 guns have been seized and 1,900 gun arrests occurred. There were 381 people killed in the city from shootings between January 1 and July 31.

The new law will include 4 – 20 years of imprisonment for first-time offenders. Subsequent offenses may hold up to a 30-year prison term.

Reports from the mayor’s office in 2014 show that between 2009 and 2013, 60% of the guns in the state that were used in crimes were brought into the state from other states. The findings point to guns coming from Indiana and Wisconsin, as well as other states, with most guns coming from states that don’t require background checks when buying firearms.

Nearly 20% of guns recovered in Chicago at the time came from just four local gun dealers.

Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have differing views on gun legislation. The political struggle between the two has held the law up, and the General Assembly has not been able to agree on new laws to curb the violence in Chicago and Illinois.

The Governor stated that he had not been called by the Mayor at the signing of the bill.

Shooters and suppliers of guns illegally sold will be held accountable for their actions under the new law.