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Is It Illegal To Wear Military Patches?

Many people love collecting military patches and wear them on some special occasions. The collections are very valuable to be sitting in the closet box or some drawer.

If you have some of them, don’t worry, you can wear them as much as you want because they are legal to wear; it’s your free will. If you are in a mood to wear it and it’s making you proud, choose your favorite, and you are ready to go.

Military patches are cloth badge objects made by using a fabric backing and thread and embroidery can be in different styles and colors. If you like patches, you can try to make your patch to symbolize something you cherish and add it to your collection of patches next to military patches.

Can Wearing Military Patches Cause Problems?

If you wear military patches in the street, you will not be stopped by police or some other force organization, so you have your right to wear everything you want and everything in what you feel comfortable and happy with. If wearing patches makes you happy and proud, you should do that.

On the other side, you can cause some negative reactions from other people, especially veterans. Veterans have some signs by which they can recognize “their” people; they are like one big family located in different places. It means them a lot when they meet someone of their own, and sometimes you can find yourself in conversation with a veteran who recognized your patch. By the talking, when he realizes that you didn’t serve in any unit, they can get feeling like you are trying to steal their valor.

All this talking about “stolen valor” is too much. It’s wrong that is likely spun a little out of control because no one can know other people’s intentions, maybe that person who wears the patch has ( or had) a desire to join the military and serve the country, and that’s their way to shows it. And something really important, no one can steal you your valor because it’s yours and individual.

Downsides of Wearing Military Patches by Those Who Didn’t Serve

Deceivers are always trying to find an opportunity to trick people, and some of them have no shame at all. Some people wear patches on their jobs only to have some advantages because everyone likes to give support to people who served in the Unit and risked their lives for their country.

Tricking people to get a better job or to sell products better is just wrong, and it’s offensive. The veterans will react to actions like this for you, and if you are one of these people, you will have some trouble. It’s also known that some people try to profit from false association with the military, representing organizations to collect the money with the story that their money will be used to help veterans in need. Action like this is not just offensive; they are a purely criminal act.


Wearing military patches is legal; the right question would be if it’s right or not. Try not to hurt anyone’s feelings and if you like to wear military patches, make sure that you do that in the right way. Make a good assessment about an occasion where you want to wear a patch from your collection just to be sure that you won’t get into any trouble.

If you find yourself in a discussion with veterans, do not argue too much or be aggressive. Just explain your attention in the best way, and every reasonable person will understand you. Words are keys to good communication and understanding, and a lot of problems start when we don’t use them.

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