Legal Scoops Featured and Added to ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory

ABA Journal, a publication from the American Bar Association, has included Legal Scoops in their Blawg Directory. ABA Journal, a publication with 400,000 subscribers, accepted and featured Legal Scoops, an honor that few of the directory’s 4,000 blogs are granted.

The American Bar Association is the national voice of the legal field and is the largest voluntary legal association in the world.

Blawg Directory includes the leading legal blogs and resources in the world. The directory’s requirements are stringent, and it is made clear that this is not a directory of law firm websites. Websites are included after a strict review.

Only a handful of websites are featured on the Blawg Directory’s main page per year, with revolving websites featured every week.

“Legal Scoops is honored to be included in the exclusive list of websites that have been featured and added to the Blawg Directory. We will continue to provide the latest news and developments in the legal field to help legal professionals and the public understand the evolving laws around the world,” states Jacob Maslow, author at Legal Scoops.