Mesothelioma Deaths Seem to be on the Rise

According to the CDC or the Center for Disease Control, mesothelioma seems to be causing more deaths than in past years.

This sharp rise concerns people in this organization, not to mention regular citizens.

Some of the findings say that asbestos is to blame, but the troubling thing is it might be environmental and secondary exposure, meaning people aren’t even aware of their exposure to the deadly substance.

What Exactly is Mesothelioma?

This dreadful cancer attacks the mesothelium and is sometimes hard to detect. It occurs when the protective membrane that helps keep internal organs safe is plagued by cancer.

However, it is essential to understand that mesothelioma should not be mistaken as a form of lung cancer.

While both diseases affect the lungs, they occur in different parts of the lung. Mesothelioma occurs in the lining of the lungs, also known as the mesothelium.

“The disease can also occur in the lining of the chest, heart, abdomen, and testicles, but it most commonly develops in the lining of the lungs,” they write on their site.

The cancer is often triggered by overexposure to asbestos, and it can undoubtedly lead to death, as it has been done to many people throughout the years.

Most people believe that asbestos exposure is no longer a problem. Most companies don’t use the material, and buildings with asbestos are usually updated.

Still, the reality is that asbestos is still here, and it is still affecting many people.

Asbestos does not only affect people who work with the material but friends and family members could be exposed through secondary exposure if this individual brings the fibers along with him or her unknowingly.

The environment can also carry asbestos, meaning people who weren’t even thinking about this issue could be affected.

How is Mesothelioma Still Affecting People?

The reality is that there are still enough commercial mining locations where asbestos is mined.

These locations may sometimes release asbestos into the air, and this contamination does not get dispersed as quickly as some might hope.

It should also be pointed out that people who work in locations where asbestos is mined or where rocks that contain asbestos are constantly broken may be the ones who carry these mineral fibers home.

It should also be noted that natural asbestos exists in certain rocks or soils, but the amounts are relatively low.

The problem arises when construction or other activity disturbs these natural deposits and releases asbestos.

This means that construction, road building, road repair, or even soil and rock harvesting could release asbestos into the environment.

Environmental and secondary asbestos exposure is tough to avoid, especially because asbestos cannot be seen.

Furthermore, any exposure that does occur may be hard to assess correctly to find the people who might have been responsible for this exposure, especially without the help of an experienced asbestos lawyer.

This is why prevention is the best way to fight this particular kind of danger.

Effectively Reducing the Risk of Exposure

A person can take several steps to prevent asbestos exposure or at least reduce the risk.

It may feel that this type of exposure is impossible to run away from, but the reality is that knowledge can make a difference.

First, a family that works in construction needs to make sure that all clothes and shoes are removed quickly and sterilized.

Removing shoes before entering the house might be a good idea since shoes are likely to collect dust while out, which could have some naturally occurring asbestos.

Of course, it is essential to avoid old buildings that look like they are in a state of disrepair and locations that look unkempt and dusty.

It might also be a good idea for a person only to use asbestos-free soil and landscaping material when he or she needs to work on his or her home.

Wetting any ground that will be gardened on or played on by kids might be a good idea. The moisture helps keep dust from rising into the atmosphere, where it can be easily breathed.

Asbestos is a real threat, which must be pointed out because many still think it is an old problem.

This issue is still here, and precautions must be taken. Laws must continue to regulate activity that may expose people to it and compensate those injured by asbestos.