The Need for Real Estate, M&A lawyers on the Increase

There has been a high demand for real estate lawyers in Florida’s senior partner level. Corporate M&A (mergers and acquisition) lawyers are also being sought after. “There are two things that I see as insatiable demand right now- corporate M&A and real estate,” announced Joseph Ankus who is the president of Ankus Consulting Inc. He continued to reiterate that real estate, commercial real estate and M&A are the most required law services that present at his desk. The transactions follow each other in close successions.

According to the president of Bunt Legal Search Abbe Mald Bunt, there is a rising hiring demand for the development and financing real estate categories. This is a good sign in the real estate industry. For one, the legal fees payable to these types of lawyers are going to be more affordable. The other advantage that flat owners will get is that they will have a variety of lawyers from which to choose the best. When the real estate business was in critical condition a few years ago, there was limited work for the attorneys. Most lawyers were forced to do other related gigs for lack of specific real estate work. Those lawyers who are happy dealing with real estates will be encouraged to continue in their job descriptions. Firms will be pushed to develop and expand their real estate law practice.

From Bunt’s statement, it is clear that smaller real estate firms will demand more services from legal practitioners. “There’s an abundance of work at every level, and from time to time the larger firms have been able to attract talent from the midsize firms, and that’s created the void at the midsize firm,” said Bunt.

When Major, Lindsey & Africa’s partner Joshua Dull spoke about the issue, he said that there seems to be a shortage of high-end real estate partners with viable books of business on the move. “It’s on every firm’s wish list, as is corporate M&A and private equity.”

Law firms like Holland & Knight have added up to 25 lawyers in private equity as well as M&A practices. The two areas have performed extremely well recently, and projections show that they are bound to do even better.

Large books of business awards firms with the chance to increase their bottom lines. This drives many firms to look for partners who have big books. Hiring firms are therefore looking for lawyers who can fight for their cause and win. It has come to the notice of law firms that there is more to academics and experience when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Another promising field of law is that of litigations and transactions relating to health care. The pointer that makes the likes of Blunt think that health care is an upcoming jackpot is the changing health laws. These health care laws will create a minefield for health care attorneys.

Negotiation of property deals will be made simpler by the developments. Individuals and companies that will get the best real estate lawyers will succeed in pecking a notch higher.


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