Old Navy Class Action Lawsuit: Essential Updates and Insights

Old Navy, a popular clothing retailer, was at the center of a class action lawsuit involving false and misleading pricing tactics allegations. The suit claimed that the company used deceptive reference prices on discounted products, leading customers to believe they received better deals than they were. The lawsuit affects purchases made between November 12, 2015, and December 2, 2021.

As a result of the legal proceedings, a settlement has been reached between Old Navy and the plaintiffs, offering compensation to eligible parties who participated in the class action. The lawsuit highlights the importance of honest pricing practices and consumer awareness in the retail industry. Examining the Old Navy case shows how misleading pricing information can significantly affect businesses and their customers.

The Old Navy Class Action Lawsuit


The Old Navy class action lawsuit revolves around allegations that the company used misleading reference prices, creating a false sense of urgency among customers. The lawsuit claims that Old Navy advertised some products as “on-sale” with a referenced “regular” list price, leading customers to believe they were receiving a significant discount. This alleged scheme reportedly caused customers to either pay more than they would have otherwise paid or purchase more than they would have bought.


In this class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are a group of customers who purchased at Old Navy between November 12, 2015, and December 2, 2021. They claimed that the clothing retailer intentionally misrepresented its sales to mislead consumers, resulting in financial losses for the affected customers.


The defendants in this lawsuit include Old Navy, LLC, Old Navy Apparel, LLC, Old Navy Holdings, LLC, GPS Services, LLC, and The Gap, Inc. These companies are collectively called “Old Navy” or “Defendants” throughout the legal proceedings. The lawsuit aims to hold these parties responsible for the alleged false or misleading reference prices used in their marketing and promotional materials.

Settlement Details

Settlement Amount

Old Navy has agreed to resolve the reference pricing class action lawsuit with a settlement deal. Although the company has not admitted wrongdoing, they settled the case to avoid further litigation.

Claim Eligibility and Requirements

Most people who purchased at an Old Navy store, Old Navy outlet store, or online between November 12, 2015, and December 2, 2021, are eligible to participate in the class action settlement. To file a claim, eligible consumers must visit the settlement administrator’s website at onpricingsettlement.com and follow the instructions.

Settlement Purchase Certificate

Class Members who successfully file a claim can receive settlement purchase certificates worth $5, which can be used at any Old Navy store, Old Navy outlet stores, or online at the Old Navy website. These certificates can be applied to merchandise, but certain restrictions may apply. It is important to check the terms and conditions provided by the settlement administrator for more information.

Deadlines and Important Dates

Claim Submission Deadline

The last date for submitting a claim in the Old Navy class action settlement was May 31, 2022. Individuals who made in-store or online purchases from Old Navy and Old Navy Outlet Stores, excluding those made in Missouri, between November 12, 2015, and December 2, 2021, may be eligible for one or more $5 Settlement Purchase Certificates if they submit a claim by this deadline.

Fairness Hearing

Fairness Hearing was scheduled for March 16, 2022. This hearing was to determine if the proposed settlement was fair, reasonable, and adequate for the class members involved in the lawsuit. The final approval and appeals are now being addressed f for a conclusive resolution.

Legal Proceedings and Resolution

Exclusion and Objection Process

In the Old Navy class action lawsuit, eligible claimants could exclude themselves from the settlement or file an objection. To exclude oneself, claimants must submit a written request, including their name, address, and a clear statement of their intention to be excluded. On the other hand, claimants who wished to object to the settlement had to submit a written statement detailing their objections, along with any supporting documentation. Both the exclusion and objection processes were essential in ensuring that all parties had an opportunity to make their voices heard and exercise their legal rights.

Online Purchases and Non-Washington Residents

The lawsuit focused on Old Navy’s allegedly false and misleading reference pricing practices, especially for online purchases. It was claimed that customers were led to believe they were receiving discounted items when, in fact, the items were never sold at the original, higher price. Misleading subject lines and promotions in commercial electronic mail were also part of the allegations, as they violated the Washington Commercial Electronic Mail Act.

This legal matter affected all United States citizens who purchased items from Old Navy with a listed “sale” price but never received the purported discount. To file a claim, claimants had to provide proof of purchase, specifying the details of the transaction and the discrepancy in the pricing.

The settlement extended to Washington residents and non-Washington residents who experienced similar misleading practices as long as they made their purchases within the specified timeframe set by the court.

Through this legal resolution, Old Navy agreed to provide compensation in vouchers, with a limited number available per claimant. These vouchers could be used for future purchases at Old Navy stores or online.

The lawsuit also required Old Navy to make changes to its pricing and advertising practices, addressing the issues that led to this litigation in the first place. This included modifications to their list prices, sale promotions, and electronic mail communications, aiming to provide transparent and accurate information to consumers.

Impact on Future Old Navy Marketing

Changes in Advertising Practices

As a result of the class action lawsuit against Old Navy, the company has had to adapt its marketing and advertising strategies. The lawsuit claimed the retailer used false or misleading reference prices on its discounted products. It led Old Navy to settle and offer Settlement Purchase Certificates as compensation for affected customers who made qualifying purchases between Nov. 12, 2015, and Dec. 2, 2021.

Moving forward, Old Navy is expected to revise its marketing materials, including newsletters and online advertisements, to ensure accuracy and transparency. The company must avoid misleading information regarding deals, discounts, and the representation of product prices. This change is essential to rebuild customer trust and avoid future legal issues like the class action settlement.

As part of these new advertising practices, the retailer may prioritize clear and concise communication of sales and promotions. This should include reviewing their online and in-store marketing materials to ensure they accurately represent the available discounts and credits for new and existing customers.

Old Navy is also expected to provide clear instructions on how customers can redeem their Settlement Purchase Certificates for future purchases. This process should be straightforward and accessible, both in-store and online, to ensure satisfaction among customers who submit claims related to the lawsuit.

In conclusion, the Gap Inc. subsidiary Old Navy will likely change its marketing and advertising practices significantly due to the class action settlement. This will include a focus on transparent communication and a commitment to ethical advertising strategies that align with legal requirements and customer expectations.


What is the Old Navy class action lawsuit about?

The Old Navy class action lawsuit involves allegations that Old Navy and its associated companies used false or misleading reference prices in their advertising.

Who is eligible to participate in the settlement?

Most people who purchased at Old Navy between November 12, 2015, and December 2, 2021, can participate in the class action.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a legal proceeding in which one or more people, called Representative Plaintiffs, sue on behalf of others with similar claims. In this case, the Representative Plaintiffs are Anastasha Barba, James Andrews, Anna Nemykina, and Brenda Tripicchio.

How can I file a claim for the Old Navy Class Action Settlement?

To file a claim, visit the official settlement website for more information, including a Frequently Asked Questions section. You can contact the settlement administrator via email or mail if you cannot find your answer.