Protect Your Business from Public Liability Injury Claims

Did you get sick off burgers sold out of a food truck? Or maybe you got sick from cakes you bought from a gourmet baker selling their goods at a local baker? Are you a supplier or customer of a business whose employees caused you damage or injury? If any of these answers are true you could have the makings of a successful lawsuit to receive compensation for your injuries or damages.

What is Public Liability?

Public liability is the risk and responsibility carried when someone works on projects located at a client’s site. The extent of their responsibility varies and is typically dependent on the type of tasks they perform. Typically, the contractors’ liability revolves around damage or injury sustained when you’re interacting with the client’s employees. It could also originate with damages to the property due to actions, miscalculation or omissions you commit as a contractor.

Public liability is something you should be aware of if you are at risk of injury or property damage due to these business actions. So, if you are a supplier or customer, this means you. No matter how careful a business’ employees are, accidents happen.

For those who regularly interact with others outside of their business, it’s important to remember their obligations to public liability. It’s your right to pursue fair compensation for their negligence.

Legal Representation

“If you were injured in a public place you may be entitled to public liability compensation if you can prove that your injury occurred due to the negligence of another party. Most of the public liability claims are as results of injuries caused by the owner or occupier of premises fail to provide an adequate duty of care. Slips, trip and falls in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, pubs, or other public places are the most common type of public liability claims. Dog attacks / residential accidents are also a common type of public liability claims,” according to

Examples of Public Liability Claims?

Public liability insurance applies to losses suffered under the following circumstances:

  • Illness due to a packaged beverage
  • Injury due to gym equipment you borrow or rent
  • Injury from faulty wiring in a purchased electronic good

If you or someone you loved has been harmed by any of the circumstances above, you have a legal right to compensation.