The Seven Best Podcasts That Every Lawyer Should Listen to Learn More

Lawyers may benefit significantly from the best legal podcasts because they can stay current on the newest legal trends. Additionally, these podcasts are an excellent resource for learning about new legislation and revisions. Finally, some of the best podcasts also provide lawyers with information on expanding or running a law firm more efficiently.

Here is a quick look at seven of the best podcasts that every lawyer should be listening to.

#1 -“Lawyer 2 Lawyer”

This podcast dates back to 2005, and how long it has been around should be more than enough to tell you how relevant it is for lawyers and how appealing they find it. This podcast is hosted by two lawyers named J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi. These two have very diverse backgrounds in both the media and law.

Using their backgrounds, they tackle various legal topics that range from current to complex ones. The most significant issues they have covered include Apple’s battles with the FBI and the Flint, Michigan water issue.

#2 – “I Am the Law”

I Am the Law” is the best legal podcast for younger lawyers and law students to listen to and learn from. The purpose of these podcasts is to provide new lawyers with the information they need to decide upon what area of law interests them. The podcast features 20-minute episodes from lawyers in various fields describing what their job is truly like.

#3 – “Serial”

What makes “Serial” one of the best podcasts for lawyers is its unique format. It takes a very different approach to address various areas of public interest and legal matters. In addition, unlike other podcasts, this takes a serial approach, meaning that the topic continues from one episode to the next.

In each of these series, Sarah Koenig talks in detail about actual events that made the headlines. In these episodes, she discusses every aspect of the case, from what happened to if questions remain.

#4 -“Immigration Hour”

One of the most challenging subjects for lawyers is immigration because lawyers must learn how to separate politics from how the public might react to a particular situation. In the podcast “Immigration Hour,” lawyers get a look at how to do that. Hosted by Charles H. Kuck, who goes by Chuck, this podcast walks lawyers through various immigration topics, including recent events and how the Supreme Court handles them.

# 5 – “The Gen Why Lawyer”

This is another excellent podcast for younger lawyers, but instead of focusing on everybody, this podcast zeros in on those lawyers who were born in the 1980s or 1990s. The host of “The Gen Why Lawyer” is Nicole Abboud, who considers herself a part of the millennial and Generation Y group. The purpose of her podcast is to talk about how their generation intersects with the legal world.

#6 -“Lawyerist Podcast”

Hosted by Aaron Street and Sam Glover, “Lawyerist Podcast” is a weekly one that covers various topics. The hosts spend each week talking to accomplished lawyers, various industry experts, and numerous authors. In addition, they cover a range of topics for lawyers looking to run a successful law firm, including marketing, business models, and more.

#7 – “The Docket”

This is a podcast hosted by a Canadian criminal lawyer named Michael Spratt. It is geared towards those who are after an international perspective. In this podcast, Michael Spratt discusses the influence and impact that government policy has on society and its laws, including animal rights and political scandals.