Things To Do After Being Injured In a Hit and Run Crash

When a car driver causes an injury to any person or property and then leaves the scene, it is known as hit and run accident. In case you are injured in a hit-and-run crash, you would be overwhelmed by worry and anxiety. The hit and run car crashes bring physical, emotional as well as financial stress. The crash might leave you in a doubt about what to do now.

Steps to Follow After Hit and Run Car Crash

The shock as well as anxiety after the auto accident can be overwhelming. You might not be able to understand what happened to you. Also, when you get injured and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash runs away, it becomes difficult to handle the situation. In case you get involved in a hit and run crash, it is advised to follow the given steps

  • Seek Medical Attention

The first and important step to follow post involving in a hit and run crash is to pay attention to your health. In case you sustained an injury in the crash, seek medical attention immediately. If necessary, call for emergency transportation to the nearest hospital. Prompt treatment is vital to support the claims for injuries related to the accident. Ensure you keep a thorough record of the injuries for the car accident attorney as well as an insurance agent.


  • Contact Police

‘Whenever anyone is involved in an accident, informing the police is essential. When you are involved in a car crash, you need to file a report with the police. The police will then gather the evidence from the accident scene and note witness’ details, as well as record any injuries you have suffered.. The police reports are significant evidence that lawyers use to support the claims for damages.


  • Collect the Details from Crash Scene

In case you have not suffered severe injuries and you are in your sense, try to gather the maximum details about the crash. In case you are able to write note them or record them on your phone. You might have noted the make, model, and color of the car that was involved in the crash and sped away. In case there are any witnesses of the collision, request them to stay as well as provide statements to police. In case they need to leave, get their contact information.


  • Contact the Attorney

Filing a claim for hit and run car crash can be tricky. It is best to hire an experienced attorney to handle the process so that you can recover from injuries. The expert would gather evidence and investigate the incident thoroughly. In case the other driver involved in a crash cannot be found, the lawyer would file a claim with the insurance company.

The expert would negotiate on your behalf for the settlement. The lawyers know the tactics that insurance companies use to eliminate or reduce the financial rewards to car crash victims. Hiring a skilled attorney would offer you peace of mind. In case you or any family member involved in a hit and run accident and need a car accident attorney, you can visit You would get advice from the reputed and knowledgeable lawyers.