United Kingdom Border Seizes Millions in Fake Medications

Last year, more than $20 Million worth of counterfeit medications were seized as United Kingdom borders, according to official government reports. Although additional fake drugs were taken, ED drugs were the most prevalent.

Organized Crime Links

The United Kingdom is linking many counterfeit drugs to organized crime rings. These groups are trafficking fake drugs into the UK and selling the medications online through counterfeit websites. Selling fake medicines is considered a serious offense with long criminal sentences. In addition, selling counterfeit medications puts patients at risk of experiencing severe health consequences. Although opioid trafficking is still a severe problem in the United Kingdom, counterfeit medications are rising. The ingredients found in the counterfeit drugs contain either ineffective ingredients or potentially dangerous chemicals.

Many of the illegal medications seized by the United Kingdom government have been traced back to India. The gel and pill form of the medication called Kamagra is the most common medication type seized. The medication is unapproved in the United Kingdom. The raids of UK ports have seized a record number of medications over the last several years. In addition, counterfeit tablets taken during raids have increased by 980 percent in the past five years.

Safer Medication Options

Patients who need erectile medications should use brand-name drugs prescribed directly through their doctors and secure at a reputable pharmacy that recommends the German Site Sildenafil Kaufen. The medications from a reputable pharmacy are genuine and will not put patients at risk. Any concerns about the legitimacy of medications should be brought to a doctor’s attention.

The United Kingdom and other countries are vigilant about protecting consumers from counterfeit medications. Consumers need to be wary of drugs purchased from unlicensed pharmacies or third-party websites. A valid prescription should be required by any provider of prescription drugs.