Website Elements Law Firms Need in 2020

Law firms often have large, complex websites. From attorney profiles to blogs, articles, results pages and more, a law firm’s website needs to be built with a few things in mind:

  • Convert leads
  • Solve client problems
  • Educate

One key element, and all firms should already be doing this, is to have a mobile-friendly website. If a potential client is hurt in a car accident, you can be sure that they’re navigating your website using a smartphone.

The same scenario works with any lawyer: business, personal injury, real estate – clients are using mobile devices to browse the web.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly already, it needs to be. This will also force you to focus on speed because website visitors will need a fast-loading website to browse, especially when on mobile.

PageSpeed Insights will help you find ways to make your website faster on all devices.

Try and get your site to be as fast as possible because speed is one of the most important elements for all websites – law firm-related or not. Once your site is speedy enough and mobile-friendly, you can start adding other elements to your site:

  • Case results. It’s important to include case results into every law firm A firm that is trying to help potential leads decide on which firm to choose will want to have case results on their website. These results work as a form of proof that the lawyer, in this case, is able to achieve the results that their clients deserve. Making a page for recent case results as well as display them on the side bar of a site can definitely help.
  • Attorney profiles. Who are the attorneys that are working for the firm? A lot of people rely on an attorney that they have heard of before and have seen before. The attorney profile page can help make this connection for some clients and will also include relevant information that may persuade a potential client to work with the firm. This information may include which law school the lawyer attended, and it may also include any special cases that the lawyer had worked on.
  • Live chat. If you go to the vast majority of law firm websites, you’ll notice an annoying chat somewhere on the page. Potential clients, especially in the law field, want to be able to talk directly with a firm. Live chat functionality allows potential clients to ask questions, receive answers and really work with a firm that best suits their needs.

You’ll also want to list any of the awards or organizations that a firm belongs to. What this does is add to the firm’s trust, enabling clients to feel more confident in their choice of a firm.

Don’t forget to also include some form of a call-to-action. A form that can be thoroughly filled out is a great way to entice potential clients to reach out to the firm. If the firm offers some form of a free evaluation or consultation, use this in the element’s copy to increase the number of potential leads to the firm.