What are the Consequences of Drinking and Driving?

Every second day we get news of a young individual who crashed and died. Reasons for their crash are usually that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Such reckless behavior by the young is becoming more common than we can even imagine. Consequences of drinking too much are very harmful – more than just sending someone a sloppy text message while drunk. But getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink is a serious crime. 

So why do people drink and drive? A recent car insurance survey revealed some jarring answers: 

  • 40% of young people drunk drive and their friends allow it because they have done it before
  • 20% of men and 7% of women would let a friend or acquaintance drive to avoid an argument
  • More than 1 out of 10 millennials believe their capacity to drink and then drive is far more than the legal limit 

It is important that people are aware of these statistics simply because Driving under the Influence (DUI) or drunk driving is a major crime. Drinking heavily is a disease that most people will not be aware of. Some drivers are not even aware that they are drunk, nor show any signs of being under the influence. Did you know that it takes almost 2 hours and 30 mins for alcohol to kick in and during this time your breathing can slow down? This is a dangerous time when your reflexes are slow since cognitive reactions are delayed. Driving during this time only kicks in a slow reaction and is extremely dangerous. 

If you know of someone or are caught in the act of drinking and driving or are in a habit of drinking and driving, then make sure you have a DUI attorney by your side.  In Denve, you can use this site by your side through this site will need it! But besides getting an attorney, it is time you seek out help. You are not only putting your own life in danger but risking someone else on the road who might be affected by your action. 

Below are some of the ways alcohol can affect you while driving:


  • Slow reaction time


When alcohol enters your bloodstream it affects your body by slowing down your reaction time and ability to respond to different situations. Slow reaction time means you are at risk of heading into an accident as you are not thinking straight. Any sudden jolt or a car braking in front, or pedestrians crossing your vision will have a reduced reaction time to prevent an accident from happening. 


  • Lack of coordination


Motor skills are directly affected by a slow brain reaction. If you feel numb your hands and feet and their timely coordination are bound to be affected. This is why when caught and asked to walk straight in a line, a drunk person is unable to do so simply because their brain is too tired to wire together a reaction. It is the same when one is extremely sleepy and is unable to think straight and their brain seems foggy. 


  • Reduce concentration


Driving requires concentration and coordination of hand and feet powered by the brain, Attention is diverted and reduced with drinking. Keeping a clear eye on the road becomes even harder than expected. 


  • Decrease vision


Any amount of drinking can affect your vision. With excess alcohol in your system, you are likely to see things in a blur and have trouble concentrating in one particular direction. Impaired vision can then play games of either not being able to see further down a distance or you tend to feel you see a mirage ahead of you when there could be nothing. 


  • Hinder Judgement


Your brain manages your ability to make a judgment in different situations, and especially while driving or any action related activity is involved your judgement to foresee any situation or problem that could arise is reduced to a great extent. 


  • Low blood sugar level


Alcohol directly affects enters your bloodstream and reduces your blood sugar level to a great extent. Which in turn affects your concentration, ability to think clearly and pass on a judgment. A similar low blood level in diabetic patients is dangerous as it reduces your ability to think. 

Is it really worth risking your life and others on the road with a decision you make to either boost your own morale or out of sheer rigidness that you are able to drive and not drunk? That’s a question to reflect on by families who are affected by accidents and surviving victims who have had a heavy price to pay. There are economic costs involved too with reckless driving such as medical costs; legal expenses; property damage; insurance; legal costs etc. 


Don’t let DUI / Alcoholism affect your life  


Every state has its laws set in order to reduce the damage and danger of drinking and driving. There are zero tolerance laws for an adolescent who put everything at risk of getting behind a car after drinking. Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal that comes in with strict punishment. A DUI or DWAI court case can affect you for life and hurt your family and relationships, cost you your job or future employment opportunities, cause financial constraints, and a lifetime of mental trauma. 

So is it truly worth it? To risk everything you have worked so hard for all your life to simply throw away in a careless act of ‘I am too cool’ to drink and drive? Think about it! You are not the only ones at risk here. Would you be able to live with the guilt God forbid if you end up hurting someone else on the road? Be a conscious responsible citizen!