Why Personal Injury Attorneys Are Doing A Public Service

The Australian Law Foundation defines personal injury as any damage for which some other person or organization is liable; thus, compensation can be claimed by the injured party. This definition shows that it might not just be a person that could bring about a personal injury suit but also neglect or misinformation stemming from an organization.

The right to being able to enjoy an existence that is free from fear is one of the most basic social entitlements. When someone is injured, they lose the ability to enjoy their life because that injury negatively impacts their health and well-being. Allowing clients to navigate the complicated legal system to get a measure of satisfaction about their being wronged makes personal injury attorneys performers of public service.

The Impact of Personal Injury on Quality of Life

Being injured because of the neglect of someone else or some business entity leads to an overall degradation in your quality of life. Even non-serious injuries like scratches or minor bruises come with the connotation of mental trauma.

A study published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship notes that approximately 18% of people who suffered an injury suffered from post-injury depression in the following year. This depression can lead to problems in interacting with the world around them and can even affect the ability of the injured person to rejoin society fully.

Once someone has gone through a significant traumatic experience, their quality of life is forever changed. By helping them bring closure to this matter, personal injury attorneys offer a form of solace to these people. Their lives will never be the same, but they will be satisfied that something was done about their misfortune.

The Public Health Impact of Injuries

Offering services to clients will help them be better people and give them a way to get back on their feet after an incident, but there is also a significant impact on the public health system from injuries.

The journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology shows that patients who suffered depression after the first month of their affliction were less likely to fully recover after a year. These sorts of loose ends negatively affect the injured person, and being unable to do anything about the outcome of their injury can lead many to be depressed after their injury. From this study, we can see that this can strain the medical resources available, negatively affecting other patients indirectly.

By offering clients a way to gain closure for their injuries, personal injury lawyers provide a means for everyone to come out on top of the situation. Clients heal faster when their minds are put to rest and the resources dedicated to them go to someone else who needs the care.

Injury Attorneys as Intermediaries

In essence, the law is a framework through which we can communicate with others. By facilitating this discussion, personal injury lawyers simplify the negotiation process and help clients to put their side of the situation into view.

It’s an important cause to bring the suffering and anguish of a client to the attention of the person or company responsible for the injury. Still, if these pleas fall on deaf ears, it’s the responsibility (with the client’s blessing) to give that information to the public.

In such a case, the personal injury lawyer becomes an educator, letting the public know the potential harm a company or individual could cause them. Forewarned is forearmed; this way, it prepares the people to deal with the entity in question, as long as the information presented is accurate.

Personal Injury Attorneys as People

It’s easy for those who don’t have to deal with the misfortune of others daily to write personal injury attorneys off as “ambulance chasers.” Still, they perform an essential public service to the client and society. They offer a means to bring closure to issues that may not have otherwise found an end.

Personal injury attorneys help clients come to terms with their situation and gain compensation for their injuries. People may not like personal injury attorneys in general, but they serve critical societal functions in a world where corporations and the wealthy influence society.