3 Product Safety Tips for New Parents

Having a child is a true blessing. And if you’re a new parent or expecting your first child, chances are you’ve already planned for so much while awaiting your child’s arrival.

You may have a nursery set up already, or perhaps you’ve already been given bags of clothes for your child by friends and family. But beyond this, there are also a few concerns that you should be aware of, even if your child is still in his or her infancy.

Unfortunately, there are many dangers that our precious children face right when they’re introduced to the world. And we as parents have to take the responsibility of preparing them for life. We also have to prepare ourselves for things that we may not initially expect.

If you’re expecting a child, or if you have a newborn, the following will offer some helpful advice regarding a few dangers that you may face as a new parent.

Choosing the Right Doctor

One of the most proactive steps you can take before the birth of your child is to choose the right doctor. The tricky part is that you need to know how to choose a doctor as well. But thankfully, there is a process for making the right selection.

Obstetricians, otherwise known as OB doctors, specialize in the delivery of children. As such, they should have a detailed history of medical training that you can ask to verify. However, in the event that you’re unable to verify any medical training, or if the doctor is new to the hospital, it may be a wiser strategy to look for a more experienced OB doctor.

Problems occur during delivery that a doctor needs to know how to handle. And sometimes complications can be life-threatening for both the child and the mother. As such, properly vetting the doctor you choose is critical to your safety, and to the safety of your child. If your child developed birth injuries you should reach out to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to see if you should file a lawsuit.

Child Cribs

You may have been given a beautiful antique bassinet or crib to use when your child finally comes home with you from the hospital. But even though this may be a priceless family heirloom, using antique cribs or bassinets is not recommended.

Older model cribs and bassinets lack the safety features that have been implemented for the safety of your child. In fact, it’s recommended that you don’t use any crib or bassinet that is over 10 years old. And some experts contend that you shouldn’t use cribs that are older than 5 years. And this is simply because new safety features are introduced often.

Beyond the age of the crib or bassinet, you should also do your research to ensure that no safety recalls for your brand have been issued. For example, it’s quite common for folding bassinets to be recalled due to manufacturing issues that can cause the device to collapse, potentially killing or injuring your child.

As a rule of thumb, only use cribs or bassinets with the highest safety rating, and ensure that you follow the instructions and warnings when setting them up.

Travel Safety

Traveling with your child is also going to be a major concern. And though you may be eagerly anticipating bringing your child home from the hospital, there are a few safety concerns that you should be aware of about car seats as well.

Car seats positioned improperly can cause an infant’s head to fall forward, and because they lack the muscles in the neck to keep their head upright, this can constrict the airway and cause your child to suffocate.

Only use car seats as directed. And ensure that you’re following the safety instructions to the letter.

A few car seat safety reminders are:

  • Always center the seat in the back seat facing rearward
  • Use all available anchor points
  • Ensure all safety straps are fastened
  • Ensure that the seat meets the weight requirements of your child
  • Never let your child sleep in the car seat without constant supervision
  • Don’t use the car seat as a sleeping device in the house

You may find that when first driving with your child, you’re likely to drive as slow and carefully as possible. And though you may want to peek in the rearview mirror frequently, try not to become too distracted. As always, be sure to drive easy and make sure you’re obeying all traffic laws

Having a newborn is a life-changing experience. But by following the advice listed here, hopefully your child will be welcomed into the world with open arms and without worry.