5 Simple and Effective Email Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. But if your campaign isn’t giving you the results you want, you may need to tweak your plan and ensure that you’re following the best practices.

These five simple and effective marketing tips can help boost the results of your law firm’s campaign.

1. Provide Valuable Advice and Information

Every email you send provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and provide subscribers with valuable information and advice.

Some lawyers may balk at the idea of doling out free information, but educating and informing your readers is the best way to highlight your knowledge and experience. By giving out information and advice freely, you establish yourself as an authority and begin building trust with potential clients.

2. Go In With a Plan

Quality content is essential when creating an email marketing campaign. But you need a strategy in order for your efforts to be successful. You wouldn’t walk into a courtroom without a plan. Why would you launch a marketing campaign without one?

A plan might include designated days for certain legal topics. Seasonal topics are also a great way to stay current with your followers and will be more appealing to your audience, which can increase open rates.

3. Test, Test and Test Again

Just like your digital marketing strategy, every email marketing campaign needs to have a way to measure results and a testing method to help improve those results.

Click-through and open rates vary greatly from one industry to another and from one client base to another.

Have a testing plan in place to determine which times will work best for your audience. Sending out your emails at the ideal time will help improve open rates and conversions. Make sure that you have a way to keep track of your test times and the results.

If your subscribers happen to be in different time zones, you may want to consider creating different segments to send your emails at the right times for each timezone.

4. Promote Free Consultations

Offering free consultations is a standard practice in the legal field, but potential clients need to be told directly that you offer this service.

The firm’s email campaign is a great place to promote your free consultation service.

Experts recommend including a call to action that directs the reader to call or message the firm to schedule a free consultation. A similar message may also appear after the subscriber signs up for your firm’s newsletter.

Promoting free consultations is a great way to get clients through the door, where you can convert leads into clients face-to-face.

5. Don’t Ignore Design

When creating an email marketing campaign, generating leads and improving conversions is the primary goal. Design often sits on the back-burner in favor of launching an email series as quickly as possible.

But ignoring design is a mistake that can cost you leads.

The right design conveys professionalism and creates a cohesive brand experience. When a subscriber opens up your email, they should know right away that it’s from your firm without even reading the sender’s address or the subject matter. Everything from the logo to the color scheme and layout needs to agree with your brand’s image.

Along with the design of your emails, you’ll also want to ensure that your messages are mobile-friendly. Choose a responsive design that allows subscribers to easily view your emails and follow through with your suggested action (i.e. call for a consultation).