13 Actionable Tips to Attract More Clients to Your Law Firm

Getting more clients to a law firm, like every other organization, requires brilliant marketing skills and strategies. Many lawyers are great at practicing the nitty-gritty of law, but unfortunately, they lack the ability to find desirable clients. It is no news that the legal industry has been negatively affected by the growing global coronavirus pandemic, this means that law firms, individual practitioners, associates and paralegals are left to formulate ideas on generating new business. Here are actionable tips that can be employed to successfully maintain and grow client relationships, which results in a profitable customer base for your law firm:

  1. Work on Conferences and Webinars

The significance of Conferences, Seminars, and Webinars to the growth of an organization cannot be overemphasized, as they are essential for providing the desired one-on-one consultations and networking in business. Law firms are able to interact freely with potential clients and provide in-depth information to critical issues. Thus, growth in the customer base is achieved.

  • Build Social Media Brand

Social media is a great marketing channel because the world is getting more technologically inclined on a daily basis. Unfortunately, law firms hardly harness this tool and only a few lawyers have time for social media. The ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on are well known, they provide an opportunity to reach a wide range of people. Thus, law firms can hire skilled social media marketing personnel to boost their social media presence.

  • Create a Detailed Website

The website of an organization is the first point of contact for most potential clients, as it provides basic information about the firm. The customers will be convinced to employ the services of a law firm with a detailed website. The website not only gives proper information about the firm, it also provides an opportunity to show the accolades and achievements of the firm.

  • Write Blog Posts to Build Future SEO Rankings

Writing articles demonstrates and informs potential clients that your firm is up to date with topics and areas of law that they are interested in. Undoubtedly, blogging is a great practice that can be employed by law firms, the American Bar Association’s 2017 Legal Technology Report stated that about 43 per cent of law firms had a client retain their services directly due to blogging. Also, blog posts are great for SEOs because they make your law firm more visible in searches for the type of terms you write about. This will answer questions posed by potential clients and in turn, result in patronage by them.


  • Create Videos and Contents for your YouTube Channels

Generally, people prefer videos because they help to digest information easier and faster. A YouTube channel is a brilliant marketing strategy that can be used to attract potential clients. For instance, your firm can produce good quality videos to discuss key areas of law or disseminate useful information on legal advice. Also, this platform provides an additional route for revenue generation through YouTube subscriptions. Interested customers can subscribe to your channel if they are satisfied with the uploaded contents.

  • Create Downloadable eBooks

Another creative way to reach a target audience and potential clients are to demonstrate expertise by providing contents through books and publications. Downloadable eBooks, Resource Guides and so on, are valuable resources to reach potential customers, many will be willing to exchange their contact details in exchange for getting free information. In addition, lawyers with great writing skills are well respected and prioritized. Thus, law firms that boast of such lawyers can be guaranteed increased patronage to render legal services.

  • Wider Legal Practice Area

A law firm that specializes in more areas of law and provides more legal services will have the tendency of reaching a wider range of customers. Generally, legal practice has not changed much over the years, but what has undergone change is the area of law. Legislations governing legal practices have been updated to fit trending phenomena, therefore the need to widen the scope of practice in your law firm is as important. This is a brilliant way to get more customers and clients.

  • Create an Automated Response on Your Email

Once you’ve attracted potential customers to your website and gathered their details, the next step is to be available whenever they are reaching out to you. Leaving automatic replies to customers will give them the impression that you are reachable at all times. This will attract customers and clients due to referral basis.

  • Soliciting Reviews from Active Customers

A review system is a great way to generate feedback from your active clients and a brilliant opportunity to attract new ones. Customers go through the ratings and reviews of an organization to get an overview of what services your firm will likely offer. You can make use of popular review sites like Google review, Avvo and Yelp, to demonstrate various benefits of your legal services. This will yield positive results in customer base.

  • Provide Excellent legal services

Any organization that provides a top-notch service will have a larger customer base. It cuts across various spheres like having a transparent billing structure, good customer service to eventually handling legal cases with effectiveness. The primary focus of your firm should centre on achieving a lasting relationship with your customers.

  • Employ Marketing Strategy Analysts

Experts are the most competent in providing market strategies. They understand the nitty-gritty of customers and they are in the best position to give advice on what marketing steps you need to take.

  • Accurate Analysis and Reports

Proper research on the target areas will be beneficial to the growth of your law firm, as it will help in identifying the numbers of potential clients available. It is important to choose key performance indicators that are in line with your marketing strategies because applying the right metrics will assist in measuring your results and tracking your progress.

  • Stay Determined and Goal Oriented

Last but not least, the need to stay goal driven and focused on your firm’s goals are essential. It takes a determined team to stay committed to their initial practices despite facing challenges and competitions. Therefore, it is important for you to stay true to your duties and services, as these acts might set you apart from everyone else and in return yield a huge customer base.