After Tragic Shootings, Calls for Gun Law Reforms Intensify

Nearly three weeks after the deadly shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School in Tennessee, devastating mass shootings continue to haunt the country. The most recent one happened on Monday, April 10, 2023, at the Old National Bank in Louisville.

The bank shooting took six lives and injured five, while the school shooting claimed seven lives, including three children. These latest incidents have reignited widespread concern about gun violence in the country.

Gun Violence Archive’s latest data shows more than 200 people have lost their lives in nationwide mass shootings across the United States this year. The number is also the highest recorded mass shooting deaths in a decade.

As mass shootings and their casualties continue to rise, protesters endlessly raise calls to the government for stricter gun laws. 

The Current Political Landscape of Gun Control

Following the Tennessee school shooting in March, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus have expressed their grievances and urged actions to eradicate gun violence.

“This isn’t freedom. Our families don’t deserve this. I am sick of fearing that our loved ones won’t make it home because of gun violence. Gun violence doesn’t care about your age, skin color, income, or zip code,” said Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Raumesh Akbari.

Sen. Akbari added that this issue shouldn’t be partisan, and although prayers are appreciated, they may not produce tangible results. She emphasized the need to take efficient actions to avoid these preventable tragedies from happening again.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden has repeatedly called for gun reforms but conceded that he is powerless without Congress. As Biden confided, “I have gone the full extent of my executive authority to do, on my own, anything about guns.”

“The Congress has to act. The majority of the American people think having assault weapons is bizarre; it’s a crazy idea. They’re against that. And so, I think Congress should be passing the assault weapons ban. I can’t do anything except plead with the Congress to act reasonably,” the president added.

During the first two years of President Biden’s term, Congress couldn’t pass an assault weapons ban despite having majorities in both houses. Any attempt to pass such a law becomes slim at the hands of the current Republican-dominated House.

Although President Biden has taken some action on gun control, he did not address whether he could and should take more actions, such as addressing mental health issues often associated with mass shootings.

Legal Concerns of Mass Shooting Victims

Gun violence is a personal injury case related to firearm injuries and violence. It can include accidental shootings, assaults, or pre-meditated crimes like mass shootings. 

Victims of gun violence often suffer physical harm, emotional trauma, and financial losses. As they navigate the litigation process, they encounter concerns such as liabilities, responsibilities, and insurance claims.

Mass shooting victims or their families may file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the perpetrators. They can seek the assistance of personal injury lawyers to help them understand the legal process and their rights.

However, few law firms prioritize personal injury advertising, making it difficult to find reliable lawyers. If you’re looking for a competent personal injury lawyer, do thorough research and evaluation. In similar cases, you can check their online reviews and ask about their success rate.