How Long with It Take for Your Car Accident Claim to Settle During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world reels from the global virus pandemic, closer to home, people are still getting into car accidents. WebMD mentions that dangerous crashes have increased since the start of the crisis. Because of this, car accident claims are still getting filed, to this day. Car accident cases should always be followed to the full extent of the law, no matter how slow it may be in resolving those complaints.

Keeping your Lawyer Handy

During times like there, where the economy is uncertain, and jobs are being wiped out, it may seem like an added expense to keep a lawyer fighting your accident case. Insurance companies love when clients go this route because it’s almost like capitulation. The AARP noted that auto insurers were intending to refund drivers during the pandemic. While this is good news for other people, it’s terrible news for those of us who have pending accident cases. Those companies will do their best to ensure that they don’t have to pay out more since they have already lost a significant amount of income from the refunds. Having a lawyer is, in this case, the best way around this problem.

File Your Claim Promptly

Some states require you to file a claim as soon as possible. The time between the accident and the filing can impact any investigations and, by extension, the settlement. Not many people know that they can even file an accident claim during a stay-at-home order. Insurance companies count as essential services and will remain in operation throughout the crisis. The faster you file the complaint, the better your chances of landing a full settlement from the insurance agency.

Get a Lawyer that Values your Case

This step is tricky since it requires finding a professional that has your best interests in mind, and intends to work through the pandemic to help you. Many firms have moved their business online throughout the crisis, and continue working on their client cases throughout shelter-in-place orders. A professional who’s skilled in accident cases would also advise you on offers that the insurance company pitch. During this time, many insurance operators will be looking at lower settlements to deal with their impacted bottom line. A skilled practitioner can force those companies to raise their offers and even take them to a hearing if necessary.

How Long Will it Take?

At the moment, with insurance companies operating with a skeleton staff, it may be a lot longer to get an accident claim processed than before. What would take a week may now take as much as a month. While you can bear with an insurance company for some time, having a lawyer to seek your interest may be an even better option. While a lawyer won’t be able to make the settlement happen, their presence shows the insurance company that you mean business and force them to deal with your case as a priority.