How Successful Law Firms Use Video Marketing to Get Clients (And How How You Can Do The Same) You Can Do The Same)

Video marketing can do more than get your firm clients. It also creates brand awareness and more traffic to your website. The National Law Review shows that 96% of prospects search online for legal answers. Of these consumers, 62% are making non-branded searches.

Video is essential for marketing strategies today because it provides excellent ROI, and consumers can’t get enough. Statistics indicate that 96% of consumers say they have watched an explanation video, and a whopping 84% admit they have bought a product or service because of watching a video.

Law firms can take advantage of video marketing to reach new clients. However, many are still reluctant to try it, despite its proven results. Perhaps it’s time for you to cash in on video marketing success and attract more leads and conversions.

Video Marketing and Your Law Firm

Growing your digital presence can give your law firm a competitive advantage, considering that over 1 billion viewers watch YouTube daily. In addition, an engaging video allows you to share your firm’s identity and visibility, helping to build trust with clients, both potential and current clients. Above all, it enables you to provide information in a way consumers prefer.

How to Effectively Use Video in Law Firm Marketing

Leveraging video to create successful marketing is not too difficult.

Showcase Your Law Firm on Your Homepage and “About Us” Page

Your “About Us” and Home Page are where most potential clients visit when looking you up. A video specially created for these pages allows you to showcase your firm by providing information, including its background, its mission statement, what you specialize in, your legal team, and other key staff members.

A video has the potential to add status to your written information because you can engage your clients, making sure they see your team as approachable.

Create a Video Series on Topics

Depending on the law you practice, you can create a series of videos about topics that interest your clients, whether these are about divorce, disability law, immigration law, and so on. These videos can explain what they can expect in their case, preparing them and easing their anxiety.

Showcase Past Successes

Video offers you the opportunity to showcase your past successes to prospective clients and prepare them for the process you will follow. These videos should show the case from beginning to end and include testimony from the clients that give their consent.

Video Testimonials

Word-of-mouth referrals are common in the legal world, but many clients do independent research online before deciding to call. Therefore, video testimonials allow you to reach this audience far better than written testimonials can.

Live Streaming on Social Media

Social media places your firm at an advantage because it can enhance your digital marketing strategy. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the platforms where you can post live news videos about cases or “Question and Answer” programs. Keep these posted to allow potential clients to see them.

Making Good Law Firm VIdeos

Relevance is one of the essential elements of a law firm video, but don’t forget to add a creative element while still keeping to law.

Here is a closer look at the crucial elements of engaging video marketing for your law firm:

Provide Value

Focus on your audience when creating a video for your law firm, ensuring you give them as much information and value. Do this by developing content that answers specific questions, similar to what you would do for your blog post, but do it in a creative visual way.

Get To The Point

Keep your video content short and to the point; otherwise, you may lose the attention of your prospective client. Get to the topic quickly in the video, and don’t move away from it, whether it is a video introducing your firm, discussing an immigration issue, domestic violence, etc.

Evoke Emotion

Successful marketing campaigns tap into human emotions like happiness, love, and success. Evoking these emotions in your viewers makes your campaign more memorable.

Final Take

Your firm can use video marketing successfully, and it is not complicated. Whether you decide to get a dedicated marketing agency or a friend to take the video, make sure to use it effectively to reach old and prospective clients.